I love Fucking Flabby Women

Boy do I love fucking flabby women. Flabbier the better is my motto. When I was young I was into those skinny hot girls in high school. Wouldn't look twice at a fat one. I loved feeling those tight ass bodies against mine. Their boney pelvic region poking into mine. Then about 5 years ago I started noticing these women who were a bit flabby. Yeah like while walking around town I would see one. Not skinny but a bit of flab her and there. Oh man I was getting really turned on. I went home and did an internet search for chubby porn and I was stroking my big thick man meat to fat or chubby girls getting fucked. It was my little secret. My buddies were all dating thin women and going to strip clubs to watch hot topless babes dancing and shaking their stuff. I started making excuses not to go along. I was watching more and more chubby milf, chubby amateur , porn like that.

Well one day I was out shopping and I stopped at a local pub for a bite to eat and a beer. There sitting alone was this sexy hot chubby. I couldn't take my eyes off her and she caught me. We began to flirt with one another. Soon I decided to get up and go chat with her. The next thing I knew I was sitting at her table and laughing chatting with her. I got her phone number and I called her later that evening. We chatted for a couple hours and she invited me over to her place the next evening for dinner. She asked me what I wanted to eat. I told her anything at all you decide. She made me the best lasagna I've ever eaten. Her family is from Italy originally and I love her beautiful black hair. Oh my she is so fucking hot and sexy.

The next thing I know we are taking each others clothes off and kissing and touching each other. She had the biggest black muff and I stuck my face right into her and began eating that yummy big hairy Italian muff. Meanwhile she dove right in on my big fat throbbing cock and sucked a huge load of cum from me. She kissed me sharing some of my own semen with me. I wanted her so badly. I picked her up and took her to the bedroom where I fucked her several times that night leaving in the early morning. Wow! That fat flabby pussy was the best I have had. Eventually I was out when several of my friends saw us together. One of my pals asked me what I was doing with the big girl. I told him she had the best pussy and ass I had ever experienced. He just smiled and walked on looking back at us shaking his head.

I'm still with her and the sex is absolutely the best. I eventually told her that I use to only date skinny women and she understood. I told her that I just changed over time and now I prefer bigger women. I don't want anyone else though. I've put on few pounds myself. Her cooking is just awesome. The best Italian I have ever sampled anywhere. The sex and love is also the best. She keeps my large fat cock very happy. I love her so much. We are planning on getting married this fall. I'm so glad I changed and love plus sized ladies now. Life is great. I tell my buddies they should try a big gal like I did. Once you go fat you won't go back to those little puny boney bitches.


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  • Ud love me then hun ;-)

  • My chubby neighbor Amy was a 20 year virgin, I was 18.
    We grew up best friends and could tell each other anything.
    I told I was having sex with my girlfriend and she high 5 me.
    We'd talk for hours, she wanted all the details. 'do you lick her Tilda? (her nice way of saying pussy)'
    Yes and we play a game sometime, where I'm her man servant massaging her naked self and she demands -- now lick my cunt, you lowly servant"
    Amy eyes light up like I never seen them before. 'Oh wow, I love that'
    'Amy, want to play that game -- i love doing it that way - pleasure's all mine -- licking a virgin Tilda would be extra special" She goes, oh no no, I wasn't hinting.
    Let me know, Amy -- maybe for you 21 birthday?
    Side story, our windows were 15 feet apart, we've been flashing each other throughout our teens. About a week before her BD 'your offer still good'?'
    I rent a cheap room and it was awesome,. She cam like a a prom queen all over my face. A little scary, her thunder thighs had me in a headlock- was getting a little low oxygen dizzy. Her wanting pussy was as sweet as honey. I swear something in that juice -- like Popeye's spinach. I could bench press 20 pounds more shortly after. Still get that some with my wife's. but Amy was a real high octane gusher and I made sure to ingest every last drop of her endorphin laced yummy honey. Hint to fighters -- lick some pussy.
    I know an opera singer -- she said some of girls get fucked just before performing, the endorphins make them hit high notes.

  • PS I taught Amy blowjobs -- she loved 69.

  • Fat chicks are some of the best pussy action there is. I applaud you for having the morale fibber to put your cock inside a fat bitch. My cock is usually in one several times a week. Oh yes I love to plow me a fat bitch. Yee haw!

  • Good for you. I have had a few large ladies and they are every bit as good as any skinny girl .

  • Yes I love them big girls. They are fucking awesome.

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