Fucking my roommate's ass and mouth.

I don't know what come over me. I never have been with a guy or even wanted to be. Ive always gotten lots of pussy, but most women don't want sex 4 or 5 times a day. That want I need, I constantly jerk off at work and at night, even after I fuck a woman. Anyway its been lock down now almost 3 months now.

A week into it one night my roommate got into bed with me naked, and confessed he was secretly gay. And that loved me and wanted to take care of me sexually. I said Dude I'm not gay. He started crying and begged me to fuck him. I finally gave in, it took about 10 minutes to get hard. He had to really work by sucking me. Finally I did and I began fucking his ass, we were facing each other as we did it.

Half way through I started to enjoy it. His ass was so tight and as i fucked him, started touching his chest and squeezing his nipples. He moaned and said "Baby I'm cumming", I felt his cock cum between us. I must have gone a little crazy and got caught in the moment and said "I love so much, it never been like this with a woman". I fucked him like mad for the next hour and came inside him bareback.

We could barely breathe, his head was on my chest, and he looked at me. He said "I've dream of you taking me for 2 years. It was better than I imagined. Do you really love me?" I tought about it and said, Yes. I guess I was denying my feelings for you. I leaned forward and kissed him and caressed him for the next hour.

Since that night, I found my soul mate. The sex is fucking incredible. He wants me to cum in him constantly. After a few days I decided to suck him and let him cum in my mouth. He gave me so much loving I want to make him feel good, but he stopped me and started crying again. He said "Please, I want you to stay a real man. I'm the one who takes the cum inside him. I don't want a fag fucking me I want only you. Your could never be gay your too much of a man".

I still want to try cock, but he said he cum so hard from me fucking him it almost hurts sometimes. No man ever made him cum from ass fucking and he is now completely satisfied sexually and emotionally.

I can't believe I love a guy. This lockdown was the best thing to ever happen to me. I finally found someone who loves me as I am and can and wants sex from me multiple times a day.


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  • Me too I would have to agree shemales are the best to fuck and to fuck me!

  • I'm only into shemales and lesbians they are way more caring and gentle and no how to fuck, suck and lick better than any straight man...once you have played with them you become very spoiled with there lovingness-- I can't say anything more!

  • I love a good loving from another man

  • Me too...I've only been with other boys before not a man yet.

  • Being stuck with my two twin cousins as roommates I had no idea what being gay was till them. They like fuck me or have me sucking them like all the time.

  • The oral sex i could see , but everything else is just to bizzare ,

  • I only let straight men fuck me. And never let them touch or suck my cock. These men are real men as they use me like a woman. I cum every time as they fuck me. Being bred by them is mine blowing.

    Only a straight man can fuck a gay man completely and own his body. Another fag only thinks about when is his turn to be ass fucked.

    Married men fuck me like a dog and cum in me.

  • Uh-huh, I've been with other boys since grade school, through middle school and now that I'm in high school some men. All married guys and it's like wow kinda better!

  • LOL ! Tell your little crybaby sperm sponge that you're gay as pink feces, man or not ! For fuck's sake, own it !

  • Hell, no. I only suck straight cock, myself.

  • Msg me on my snap (hotboy14171

  • Good for you

  • Wow that’s something

  • At least you found someone who satisfies you.

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