Rape as a punishment

I'm not really into politics all that much but I usually consider myself a feminist when people press me for my beliefs, and just about everyone I'm friends with is a feminist too.

Which is why, especially as a rape survivor, I feel like I can't really talk about this with anyone.

I don't actually see a problem with using rape as a punishment when someone has something wrong. Like, I know what it feels like to go through that, which is why I feel like it would make a good deterrent.

I think back to that night with my ex, which I was going to describe but I guess that would count as a graphic description of rape actually so that's against the rules, and I feel like... if I knew that getting caught doing something like shoplifting (I don't know why but my mind is stuck on shoplifting, I don't think it's actually a good example,) would mean that I would have to go through that again, there's no way in hell I would do it.

So, why not? There are people out there doing horrible things, way worse than shoplifting. Maybe for some of them this would be a good punishment. Maybe it could be a punishment for rapists, to experience what they've put people through.

I don't know, I'm probably wrong. I'm probably just letting what I went through get to me. I just feel like maybe it's something to consider, and I wish I could talk about this with people I know without them thinking I'm a horrible person.

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  • I should F-ing Rape you for being a fat disgusting Femi-Nazi man hater, all men are not Rapist, for your information it’s not only men that are rapists, it’s women that are rapists too, even children can be rapists as well, look at the two British boys who kidnapped and tortured a 2 year old boy and done horrible things to him before he died. Look at the Slender man Girls who kidnapped and tried to murder a girl Who was just minding her own business.

  • Well, you're neither a rape survivor nor a feminist or you wouldn't even suggest such a thing. Which means you probably are a horrible person.

  • I agree, he's probably a 14 year old kid living with his parents and writing whatever crap gets his little penis hard so he can pull on it for a minute.

  • If you would like to talk about it record674@gmail.com

  • The problem is that everyone experiences things differently, someone might be affected by rape a lot more than you, someone else might find it kinky. That’s why society usually sticks to boring punishments that almost everyone finds unpleasant.

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