Fucking Mom

I'm in ninth grade and played on the freshman basketball team this winter. My coach had a party for us and our parents at his house. He has a big hot tub, which a lot of people were using because the weather wasn't very warm yet.
My Mom wore her bikini and spent a long time in the hot tub. She has an incredible figure and I know she doesn't mind showing it off. All my friends saw her. The next Monday at school they began telling me how hot she was, then as the week went on they began telling me and each other how much they want to fuck her. Somehow the idea got started that she's some kind of slut and would fuck them if they asked.
Now they're putting pressure on me to set it up- a lot of pressure. I'm sure my Mom wouldn't do anything like this, and if it happened my Dad would kill all my friends and me.
I don't know what to do.

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  • If your mom was wearing bikini in a hot tub with a bunch of teen cock around her, she was intentionally trying to arouse young cock. Why is the obvious question, was it just to see stiff young cock poking at swim suits? Was it just to give her something to masturbate to when she got home? Did she need something to get her hot because there was somebody there that she really wanted to fuck? Was she looking to get cluster-fucked? Was she hoping that you would fuck her when you got home? There are more questions, but it is apparent, without a doubt, that she was advertising her body to all cocks present. You didn't say if she went straight home after the party but I'm guessing that at some point between the hot tub and breakfast your mom got fucked.

  • C'mon kid, what do you mean you don't know what to do ? Your friends are nothing but a bunch of little bitches, so bitch slap the next one that asks about your mom's pussy. As he stands there fighting back tears, ask the other little bitches if they want some ( they won't ), and if the slapped bitch gets testy, kick him dead in his overactive nuts. Then, go find you a better class of losers.

  • Wait until Dad leaves town, slip her sleeping pills. Wait for her to be really out, then dump as many loads in her as fast as you can!

  • "Somehow the idea got started that she's some kind of slut". No, she isn't. You guys want to fuck some moms, and while it might be true that the moms are filled out and more attractive than girls your age, you are just going to have to jerk one out to them.

  • Tell them to fuck off.

  • Ask your friends to let you fuck their mums first and you will then set it up. None of them would because they are arse holes. If that doesn’t work damage then weakest or strongest one of them in a surprise fight. Go for the jaws or nose with your first punch. Put all of your strength into it like your life depends on it. The others would never try that shit with you again, and make sure you tell your mum what happened when you return home after the fight so she knows how it affected you and she can cover her self. If you don’t beat up those bastards they would deny it if you informed a teacher and if the looser you damaged in a fight reported you then tell your teacher what happened and how you had to endure the nasty peer pressures for days. Man up boy man up.

  • Tell them they can fuck your Mom after you fuck all of their moms.

  • Tell them to get bent. You aren’t your moms pimp

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