Sex Slave 2

As I have said before, my husband made me a Sex Slave and I love it. I didn't know I could enjoy such things that my Master has made me do. I have committed to my Master and will do anything he commands me, I mean anything. One time he had some friends over and they were all drinking and my master had me outside where each of his friends peed on me. It was a first for me but I have learned to love it. I have played with his friends dogs that they have brought over, and I don't mean just played with. I've jacked them off for my Master as he commanded. There have been plenty of times where my Master will have his friends jack-off in a pitcher and my Master will have me drink all the cum from the pitcher. I especially love it when my Master has me lick his friends balls and I love sucking on them and then being rewarded by them jacking off all into my mouth. My master has had me drive around with him fully naked and let the truckers have a good look at me in the car. I love showing my body as my Master commands. I think my master is planning a movie night with his friends where he will film me doing naughty things. I think there might even be a dog involved, but I am not sure. I will keep posting when my Master is away.

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  • Love to see you with all that cum in your mouth. A good bitch always holds it in her mouth until she is told to swallow like the cum dump she is. Good cum dump.

  • I do as my Master commands.

  • Love to see the movie

  • My Master is going to make a movie with some of his friends and I can hardly wait. I just love when he makes me do nasty things. I get so turned on thinking about what he is going to make me do. I love it when he films me, especially when he makes me lick up some cum or having to lick several guys balls.

  • You sound so perfect. I wish I knew you or your husband

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