Sex in front of an audience

When I was 18 I would go clubbing with two gay friends John and Calvin. Invariably we get drunk, high or both and end up at some sleazy strip club in Kings Cross. Most nights they would have an amateur strip show and some nights even live sex on stage. The boys would always encourage me to enter saying I was much better than the contestants and would win. Whilst the $200 prize was tempting and I did think it would be a thrill dancing naked with all the men checking me out I was too self conscious and concerned someone I knew would be there.

What was strange was that the idea of having sex on stage really turned me on. Mostly because, yes I’d had sex once ( I didn’t want to be a virgin at 20) but I wasn’t that interested. Nothing ever happened, life moved on, went to uni, got a job in a law firm and now I’m 25 and happily married.

I say nothing ever happened, until last August. Mark and I hired a yacht to sail around the Whitsundays. It was great, beautiful scenery and beaches, sunbaking nude, even having sex, on the deck.

One afternoon we anchored in a quiet, beautiful inlet. We were the only one’s there, or so we thought. While Mark explored the island I read a book then went for a swim in the nude. After the swim I took a shower off the back of the boat. As the back of the boat was facing away from the entrance to the inlet I didn’t notice another boat had come in and anchored for the night. What’s more, I didn’t notice that two of the occupants were heading towards our yacht in a little dinghy.

There I am, stark naked showering and I hear a male voice “anybody there?” Shocked I pause for a moment and before I can grab my towel they come from around of the boat with me in full view. Instinctively I turn in their direction (nice for them). I then turn away, lean over to get my towel (another nice view for them), cover myself and turn back. They apologise, introduce themselves and say they were coming over to see if I would like to join them on their boat for a drink. I think they were a bit disappointed when I told them we’d be over when my husband came back but said “great see you soon”.

I told Mark about my accidental flash and he was all “maybe you could live out your fantasy of a strip show, or his” which was to watch me fuck another guy or guy’s.

No way was my response. We towed over to their huge boat with Mark encouraging me to be wild. It had some appeal, didn’t know them and would never see them again. But I was too nervous.

There were three guys on the boat, all in their fifties and all divorced. This trip was celebrating Dave’s divorce which was quite recent.

After lots of champagne Ian brought out some coke. I was quite excited as I hadn’t had it for ages but after I’d had some asked “why do three 50+ men have coke on a fishing trip?” They explained they had arranged for some girls (strippers/escorts)to come to their boat from the mainland, put on a show and party. Unfortunately the girls transport was cancelled so they wouldn’t be coming. Most disappointing for the guys was this was their last night. Mark gave me an encouraging nudge.

When Ian said “hope you’re not offended, but the boys tell me you would make a great stripper, if you know what I mean”. I wasn’t offended, to the contrary, but politely declined. Mark responded with go on, it’s their last night and they were kind enough to have us for drinks. It was till no.

After a bit (maybe lot’s) more coke, I said ok, but on two conditions. First, Mark had to go back to our boat and get some makeup and sexy clothes, I wanted to look my best! Second, the guys had to get naked for the show. Not sure why I wanted that, I think it was so I wouldn’t be the only one, but then realised they would probably all be sporting boners (well I’d hope so) and that might be a bit much for me too handle. Too late I wasn’t going to change my mind.

Mark came back with my stuff and I went into the bathroom to get ready. When I reappeared I was in suspenders, g string, bra heels and a raincoat! Yes a raincoat. It was hot everyday so I didn’t bring a coat but wanted to be fully covered for the show. As I walked to the back of the boat dance music began to play, I started to move to the rhythm. I walked on to the rear deck and there were three 50 year olds, mostly overweight, and my husband. All with their cocks on show and smiles on their faces. The sight both relaxed me and turned me on!

I slowly stripped to just my heels and was starting to get quite brazen, even pornographic, I was on fire and the boys were loving it.

Mark then blurts our “can we all fuck you?” I didn’t respond for a second then said “no but l’ll fuck you while the guys watch”.

I had Mark lie down on the floor then straddled him facing the guys. Slowly I inserted his cock into my pussy, no foreplay. He didn’t need it and I certainly didn’t, I was dripping. There I was riding up and down his cock, rubbing my clit and staring straight into the eyes of three guys I’d only just met.

The guys were now wanking, and I was loving it! Then, I’m not sure what came over me, I said “ok, I’ll give you all a blow job while Mark fucks me from behind”. After they all came I was sort of embarrassed so we left. We left early in the morning so I never saw them again.

Problem is, I can’t stop fantasising about having sex on stage with a complete stranger. No way I should do it, given my career, but I think I’ll have too. Maybe get a wig and wear glasses. Anyone else have these fantasies? If so what did you do? Please help.

Love Liza


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  • Yeah, very similar. Ever since I learned about porn, I've wanted to don a perfect disguise, and star in tons of pornos. In my fantasy, every straight male in the world sees them and wanks while thinking of me. Nobody ever finds out she is really me.

    The closest I came to what you did was a college acting class. I had a simulated sex scene with a married guy. He'd get a boner when we'd rehearse. Finally, a day before our performance to be graded, I tell him to just stick it in me and we boned like crazy. After that, we agreed it'd be HOT to really bone during the performance, so we did. It wasn't to completion as the scene is too short but we both got TOP grades for the acting. I've wanted to have sex on stage again ever since.

  • I fucked the stripper at my friends bachelorette party in front of all my friends. We were all drunk and I stripped and bent over and pushed my ass against one of the hot stripper guys and he slide it in me from behind and fucked me.

  • Hot hot hot and hot. Damn girl I like how you right

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