Sex while husband watches

So finally we can go out and visit friends.
On Saturday night Ed and I went to Justine and Paul’s for dinner. Probably because we hadn’t been out for two months because of the lockdown we all drank too much. Well certainly I did!

After dinner Justine bought out some coke which tends to turn me into a bit of an exhibitionist and always makes me horny.
Just as I was thinking of going home and fucking Ed’s brains out the conversation turned to sexual fantasies.

When Justine said Paul wanted her to have a Brazilian wax I was going to keep quiet but Ed blurted out “you should have laser as it lasts forever... and doesn’t hurt as much”. “How do you know?” Was the obvious response. It’s not that I don’t want anyone to know I have a bald pussy, but I don’t really want to tell them, if you know what I mean? When Ed said “we both have” I was slightly embarrassed, but what happened next is troubling me, because I enjoyed it.

Justine asked me to show them! I was no way, but Ed kept saying “why not, we’re all friends, don’t be shy”. He actually likes me flashing in public, which I occasionally do, and wants to watch me fuck another guy, which I have never done. Eventually I said “why don’t you”. Ed has public hair, just none on all balls, shaft or arse. So he looks like a man but his smooth to touch, lick and fuck. I have a just a thin landing strip.

So Ed stands up and pulls down his pants and underwear. Justine comes in for a closer look then says “looks nice, can I see yours?” I was both embarrassed and a little excited at the thought of Paul seeing my bald pussy so, still sitting down, I pulled up my dress and pulled down my knickers. Both Justine and Paul moved in for a look. I was surprised when I felt a tingle in my pussy.

Justine then asks if she can feel how smooth it is! I say no but she says I meant Ed’s cock. I knew he would say yes, which he did. So Justine starts stroking his cock, which is now getting hard, and saying how smooth it feels. When Paul says what about me, Ed instantly says to me “go on let him”.

Then Justine starts licking then sucking Ed’s cock, by now I’m getting horny and tell Paul he can do the same. I’m not sure if it was watching Ed get a blow job or watching him watch me getting eaten by another guy but I was getting really turned on! So when Ed told Paul it was really good to fuck a bald pussy I replied “ well we’ve gone this far, might as well go all the way”.

There I was, legs apart laid back on their couch being fucked by Paul with Ed watching me as he was getting a BJ from Justine. I orgasmed! I didn’t want Paul to cum inside me and told him so. Justine said she didn’t want cum on the carpet so would let both Paul and Ed cum in her mouth, which they did one after another!

I was a little embarrassed by all this so we left shortly after. As soon as we walked in the door I was all over Ed, even wanted him to fuck my arse, which I rarely do, and loved it.

Can’t stop thinking about it and how I want to fuck more guys while Ed watches. Is it a power thing or have I just turned into a slut?



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  • I been married to my husband for 20 years. We made a promise before we got married that on our wedding night we would share our fantasies. We held true to our word and the night of, we confessed. My husband told me he wanted to see me with another man sexually. I was so distraught that we didn't even sleep together. A week later I realized how lucky I was. We started searching for a bull and several months later we found a guy who was nice, funny, had a great job, and was hung like a horse. My husband watched as this man ravaged my body like I was a piece of meat. This man now lives with us and takes care of us financially so neither my husband nor I have to work. I make love to my husband whenever the mood strikes, but once a week my lover fucks me while my husband watches.

  • Next time let him cum in you your husband will love it

  • Go back and see if Justine shaved or did laser and let us know

  • Sounds like all 4 of you got into it Will you do it again?

  • Hello very interested

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