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How do I tell my wife I want her to finger my ass?

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  • It does feel so fucking good when a hot milf rubs her slender finger on my asshole. That’s exactly what happened to me and I still beat off thinking about it

  • I told my girlfriend to rub my ass hole. But before that I think we talked about prostate massages. Anyway watch porn with your wife. Pick a topic and watch and tell her that looks good or would you like to try that. Most things happen before you get into the bedroom.

  • Do what I did. I bought a nice sized dildo and then bent over ,pulled down my underwear and told her to have fun. She warmed up to it like a duck takes to water. OMG! She fucks me so good now and she will tell you she enjoys it.

  • Just slip on a pair of her panties and parade around the room all limp wristed, talking in a feminine voice. She will figure it out, then probably divorce your queer ass, you fag.

  • Yeah I saw your father walking around the house like that for your mother

  • Yeah, cause straight men can't enjoy prostate stimulation.

  • Well just tell her you like things in your bum you strange prick then she might move onto a better person

  • Before we were married, my wife seemed to be teasing me down there a lot. One night while she was teasing me I started to join and ended up slipping my own finger in there. She ended up taking over and fingered me for a bit while giving me a blowjob. Suddenly she stopped and whispered in my ear, "can I use my toy?" I honestly thought she meant to use it on herself. I soon found out how wrong I was. She ended up propping my butt up in her kneeling lap, and lifting and spreading my legs. At first I was starting to freak out and tried to lower my legs as I grabbed at her breasts. She pushed my legs back up in the air by the backs of my hamstrings really exposing my hole to her. I felt so vulnerable, but I ended up wrapping my arms around my legs in such a fashion that I was holding onto my right ankle with my right hand and my left ankle in my left hand. I was in spread pretzel position as she lubed her cock shaped vibrator and slowly started to work it inside me. I have never felt so dirty and turned on in all my life. I kept moaning and asking in short breaths why it felt so good as she kept reassuring me and telling me to relax and enjoy it. We were both watching her toy go back and forth inside me, my legs spread as wide as can be, and couldn't believe how close my mouth and penis were. I was moaning and writhing in her lap begging her to keep fucking me. I hooked my toes under the headboard and jerked myself into my open waiting mouth as she pumped me harder and faster. It was by far my most amazing memory for me from our now 19 total years together.

  • Crap

  • Sorry you think that way lol. I look back on that night with fond memories.

  • Tell her you want for her to massage your prostate with her finger while she gives you oral, she can lick your hole and then slide a finger in.

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