I need of more sex

I am a 44 yo male, happily married for 19 years. Life is good in most fronts, but sex life is slow. It seems like for several years now, i have to ask ( almost beg) for sex. How do I get my wife to want sex more often?

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  • I just posted my story. I'm a very attractive 51 year old lady whose husband sleeps all the time. I'm very horny and need a good hot and sweaty love making session and soon. I am really thinking about divorcing him and finding a man who likes to have sex. I thought most men wanted to make love to a woman. Not my hubby. He says he's always too tired. Before anyone says it's me I'd like to say that people often are shocked when they find out I'm 51. Most guess that I am only around 40 or so. I have great features. Lovely firm perky breast, a nice round firm ass, great sexy legs. I weigh 132 lbs. and am 5 ft. 8 . Medium length brunette with wonderfully green/ gray sparkling eyes. My husband no longer cares about his appearance or has any sex drive.

  • Where are you. I wish I could help you out.

  • Trade her off on a new one. Once the sex goes away, it ain't never coming back.

  • Tell her that access to her pussy is one of the reasons you married her and have not "yet" turned into a faggot. If she doesn't spread 'em and let you stick in it, invite a dude over and have her catch you plowing his ass. She will get the message.

  • Stop asking for it. Work out and be flirty with other women, very friendly with all other women. Your wife’s natural envy will develop and she will crave you.

  • Do more dishes, laundry, and bathroom cleaning.

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