Mom and Dad

Growing up my Dad was always very open when it came to sex.
Mom was always shy and embarrassed about him would be nothing for me to walk in on them going at it.
Its like dad liked me to see them. Mom would always try and cover up.
I remember one time we were in kitchen and dad was playing around and he yanked mom up on counter and pulled he shorts off. Mon said for me I better go to my room but dad pointed for me to stay and started fucking her with me there.

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  • My parents didn't care if I watched them having sex, so I did. It must have been around 2am when my mom came to my bed that first time. Pulling her nightgown over her head and tossing it on the floor she got into bed with me.

  • My parents are the same. Had me and sis watch. By 10 (me) and 8 (sis) we were sexual with each other. Soon we joined mom and dad.

    30 years later sis and I are still together and also make love to our parents several times a week.

  • So what did you do? Watch, or leave?

  • I stayed and ate breakfast

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