Mom and Dad

Growing up my Dad was always very open when it came to sex.
Mom was always shy and embarrassed about him would be nothing for me to walk in on them going at it.
Its like dad liked me to see them. Mom would always try and cover up.
I remember one time we were in kitchen and dad was playing around and he yanked mom up on counter and pulled he shorts off. Mon said for me I better go to my room but dad pointed for me to stay and started fucking her with me there.

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  • The reason your dad fucks your mother when your there is because the excitement is heightened when your being watched, when you see your dads dick pumping your mothers cunt it makes him more excited, your mother as well she is pretending not to like it, the excitement will be more for her because she is shy and wont admit to it, its the most thrilling sex ever specially for your mum having her son watching your dads dick going in and out her cunt, speaking from experience what will happen next is your dad will want you to take your turn on your mum, do you go hard when watching, you must do its only human nature, would you like to take your turn, and if you do, post every detail.

  • If this is a man, he should eiffel tower her with dad.

  • I had a similar experience
    My dad would alway grope and fondle mom in front of me.
    He wanted me to see mom in a summissive way
    I think now that i am older. She answered and did whatever he wanted. We would be watching tv and he would have her on couch with him.
    Soon she wouy be under blanket givin him head. I could see blanket moving up and down.
    Dad would just smile at me .we were on a trip in a hotel and they would fuck in bed beside me.
    One time we were all watching tv and dad was messing with mom she had a robe on. I heard her say we can’t but next thing i know mom was straddling him and basically ridit him right there in livy room.
    He pulled up her robe and i could see everything.

  • Are m or f? And what age are you?

  • Female i am 19 now

  • Hi, how has it effected your views on your parents?

  • How did it effect me.
    My dads a perv.

  • Why is he a perv
    Because he liked me watching.
    He alsso use to masturbate in front of me.

  • What makes you think he is a perv?

  • I’d say it’s your moms fault.

  • Did you like watching?

  • I was curious at first
    At that age you don’t really understand fully

  • I’d say your mom is interested in you, or something.

  • That's not a bad thing.

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