Wife bought me pink silk panties

When my wife and I first got together I explained to her that I have a huge panty fetish she tried to accept it she just couldn't get into it she explained to her mother I love wearing panties she asked her mother I could wear panties for her mouth her mom said yes so one night she bought me the sexiest prettiest pink panties and told me to put them on and took me to her mom and told me to fuck her mom and my panties I have been fantasizing 4 year about wearing panties for her mom when I walked into her mom's room her mom told me I looked very sexy and that she want to suck my cock am I sexy panties when I walked over to her my cock was so hard she grabbed me by my panty cock stroke my cock twice then put her mouth around aicok panties pink silk panties and all I never had a panty blowjob before that was all I could do don't look down at her see how sexy she loved she pulled up her nightie and see what she was wearing silk pink panties also why is she sucking my cock she started playing with her pussy and her panties I can see how wet her panties and became she told me how long she's Wonder a man to wear panties for her she made herself come in her panties she told me she wanted me to come in my panties while she was sucking my panty dick I couldn't stand it no longer and I came in my panties she sucked every drop and came and her panties again then I run my panty cock on her panty clit couldn't believe how hard my cock was from her giving me instructions on how fuck her with my panties on she pulled her panties to the side and my Pink Panty dick went in her hole it felt so good fuck my wife mom with my favorite panties on I kept bugging her really hard she kept telling me how good it felt asked me to not stop I was so excited came twice in her I told her how I just came in my panties and made a mess of them she was telling me yes oh yeah coming in you're panties for me I can't so hard it felt so good I was in love with my mother-in-law I told her how many times I have sucked are her dirty panties how I put on her sexy panties and masturbated about this day that her daughter don't get horney when I wear panties for her mother-in-law tells me I can have all the panties I want she will buy them for me she ask me 2 jack off in my panties I get so horney and she's watching me pleasure my cock in panties I tell her I've dreamed on this day she asked how I started when mom's best friend took me for the weekend for that whole weekend I wore nothing but panties she have a whole lot of movies boys my age wearing silk panties for women who wanted to suck them and their panties they would make the boys come lick and suck the cam off their panty cock so mom's friend ask she could suck my cock in my sexy pink panties I told her I wanted her to do that right now my cock what's feeling so good in the panties and watching the video made my dick so hard insensitive I remember the first time she took me in her mouth I will never forget her fingers on my cock and my panties teasing my dick tell me how sexy she thought I was how wet her panties work dating from touching my panty cock that is when she took me in her mouth all I could say was all my God she knew what she was doing that was a hardest my cock I ever been in my 12 years A Life she told me come in my panties that's what she wanted me to do so I did a whole lot I was coming she was playing with her painted pussy that made my dick play hard after coming and begging her keep sucking my COK I told her how sexy she looked she told me how horny I was making her I grabbed her by her hair started fucking her face I told her I was ready to come in my panties again she started rubbing her pussy and her panties and told me she wanted to come with me at the same time I fuct her face until I came again it made me horney to make a woman comb she was coming with my panty cock in her mouth Spartan my jazz telling her 2 check my panties clean of My come she cleaned every drop of come from my panties ask me if she was a good girl I told her to bring me a clean pair of panties and that was our first time wearing panties so my mom's best friend gave me a panties blowjob God she was sexy she stripped down to her panties I told her how sexy she looked in her panties she got down on her knees and told me how much she has enjoyed watching me Grow Up and how she has always wanted two suck my panty cock when she takes my cock are mouth I confess that I how puton her panties and tasted her pussy from her panty crotch and how fast I'm sexy panties make me come every time I tell her how bad I want to eat her panties pussy and suck her come the Gossett of her panties and with that she comes in her panties me talking dirty to her telling her how good her pussy taste I want to eat her how Jester Taste of her pussy makes my cock cum I close my eyes and tell her I foresee me sucking her pussy and her silky panties that I make her watch the weather panties become the more she can see her clit my mouth suck her 2 a orgasm all of a sudden she's fucking my face and telling me to fuck her pussy so I stand up and start start to pull my panties down she tells me tell you them up and to put my cock panties and all in her pussy so I start putting the head of my cock and her pussy I put my cock in her pussy and make her watch as I start to pump her I make her watch she takes dirty to me and makes her self come I tell her to come over my pantied cock part 2 soon


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  • Peter, I think you were wanking when you were typing this, as the grammar is so appalling.

  • I think your name is Peter.

  • Love to know about your pantied cock part 2 and silk too lush.

  • Dude, or bitch, you're permanently pregnant ! No periods, at all, in that whole pathetic silk-clad willie wank !

  • Learn proper English and grammar you retard

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