My MMF Sex Weekend


I (21 at the time) had a bf (also 21 at the time) who was bi in college and he could take a huge cock in his ass. The first time I watched him take a cock in his ass I masterbated so hard I bruised my clit. We found a guy on an adult dating website. The only requirements were:
1) Fit and definitely not FAT
2) Between 25 and 35
3) A cock 8” or bigger and preferably thick
4) Will take STI and AIDS test for 3 months before our date

We found, well he found a guy. 33, single, 6’3”, 205lbs, muscular, handsome as fuck and a beautiful, smooth 9” cock!! I was jealous it was so gorgeous. He agreed to the testing only after we told him my bf wanted a guy to cum in him multiple times in a weekend. Leading up to our “date weekend” my bf and I had sex every weekend (what’s new LOL!) but we invited Seth to watch. He could touch us both and he could materbate but that’s all. A few days before the date weekend I made my bf take laxatives, drink only water and I gave him a couple of douches in his sissy ass to make sure he was completely cleaned out. The date weekend arrived. I picked up Seth and told him I want my bf to be fucked and used like a complete sissy slut! I told Seth I want him to be very dominant! Like cum in my bfs ass and them make my bf suck and clean his cock off after every time. Seth smiled and told me he could do that. Seth started things off right. I was driving and my bf and Seth were sitting in the back seat. A 3 hour drive to the bed and breakfast in Sagatuck, MI. 15 minutes into the ride Seth was using my bfs mouth like a sissy slut. My bf was gagging and his eyes were so watery but Seth wouldn’t stop. When he was ready to cum I told him to shove my bfs face down! Seth came and my bf took his lovely creamy load. Seth grabbed my bf by the face and started kissing him. They swapped Seth’s cum back and forth. Seth kept calling him a sissy bitch. My bf was loving it. Seth pulled my bfs pants down and off. He told my bf he had a nice dick (it is 7” and very thick). Then he told my bf to fuck him. Seth pulled his pants off and showed his freshly waxed and bleached asshole. My bf started to get in position and Seth yelled at him to lube him up with his tongue. I almost drove off the road. My bf sucked and licked Seth’s asshole until he was well lubed. My bf entered Seth and Seth let out a huge moan! My bf pounded Seth for a couple of minutes and then Seth told my bf fuck him harder. I did go off the road a bit then. My bf pumped two more times and then said “where do I cum!?” Seth growled in my ass you sissy! My bf unloaded and unloaded and unloaded. When he was done he pulled out. Seth said to me that he makes my bf cum harder. I agreed and then told my bf to clean Seth’s ass! Seth laid on his back and my bf got between his legs. As he was cleaning Seth, Seth told my bf to stroke him. He did. After he was cleaned he jumped in the front seat. Pantless and hard. Rock hard. I reached over and stroked him. I asked Seth if it was ok. He said “I’m not into girls but yeah babe it’s cool. We can make your bf clean me up!” I looked in the rear view and smiled at my bf. As I was stroking Seth I told my bf I love him. He said smiling “I bet that’s what you tell all your bfs who take big cocks in their ass!” All of us laughed.

Seth used my bf like a sissy. I mean he fucked him in every position possible, came in his ass no less that 4 times a day for 3 days. My bf fucked me many times too. My favorite was when Seth was fucking my bf and my bf was ass fucking me. It was like a real life porn. One morning the B&B owner said to me at breakfast that he hopes he wasn’t over stepping but we made him masterbate the night before just by listening to us. I told him that night we would be extra loud!!

We were. On the way home I sat in back with my bf and Seth drove. I played with my bfs ass and started calling him a sissy. Every time I called him a sissy he got more excited. I started calling him a sissy for big cocks and Seth spoke up and said “That’s right! That’s my sissy ass!” My bf asked if Seth could fuck him one more time. We stopped at Seth’s and he mounted my bf much more aggressively then anytime that weekend. Seth was pounding my bf so hard my bf had tears in his eyes but a smile on his face. Seth pounded one last time and came. Very deep. My bf after gaining has composure turned around and kissed Seth. Then after my bf stuck one of my tampons in his ass and got dressed we left. I ate my bfs ass when we got to his apartment. We never saw Seth again and my bf and I broke up a few months later. It was the best and most naughty and dirty weekend of my life.

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  • I need you to talk to my wife for me. She has no idea how bad I want this.

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