Boyfriend is such a dick

Normally I love my boyfriend very much. He and I get along really well and we have a lot of fun, but about 2 months ago he started asking me to have sex with his best friend. I know he reads this site all the time and he made comments about reading all the post about guys letting their girlfriends or wives do this, but I thought he was joking. Last week he invited his friend over. I didn't think anything of it, he always comes over. We started drinking like normal for a Saturday night. We were all feeling pretty good when my boyfriend asked me to flash my tits. Me not thinking about where it was heading decided to flash him. Then he told me his friend was left out and I should flash him. I gave him a quick flash and left the room. When I returned they both were naked and said I should strip too. It took some convincing but I finally stripped. Before long I was on my hands and knees sucking my boyfriends cock while his friend was behind me shoving his in my vagina. I would be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed it, but I also would have never done such a thing had I not been drunk. I'm pissed at my boyfriend for waiting until I was drunk and knew I wouldn't say no. The bad thing is his friend has a bigger cock and it felt way better when he was fucking me. I'm scared that now I may want his friend to have sex when my boyfriend is away. I'm so pissed at him right now.

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  • I have a fantasy where my wife wants me to give a blowjob and pushes me to swallow another man's cum.

  • Shouldn't this be titled " Boyfriend's Friend Has SUCH A Dick " ?

  • Don’t do it behind his back, just tell him it was exciting and would be open to it again, maybe send him some pictures, and he will probably be fine with it. Don’t cheat

  • Sounds like my hubby. We got married too early and too young and he didn't realise till after that he wanted these experiences. So one day a year after we got married,I was 21,he asked me about my thoughts on sleeping with other men?I immediately asked if it was because he wanted to sleep around.He said he only wanted me to.I was just curious why.He said because I was so hot and gorgeous and the thought of another man fucking me was very interesting to him and he'd like to sit back and take it in from that perspective.So I asked if he'd not get jealous?He said he didn't think so and we could try it once.So he gave me full permission to go fuck another guy.It was an exciting feeling to be honest.As my hubby was the only guy I'd ever been with.

  • Did you end up doing it while hubby watched?

  • Yes many times over.First was a friend of his who he had known and trusted for a long time.He basically just asked him to come over to help him fuck his wife.After convincing him he wasn't joking we set it up.My hubby let his friend have his dirty way with me all night while he watched.

  • You sound like a perfect girlfriend. Don't cheat on your bf behind his back, but keep him involved and always fuck his friends. Just make sure you are on birth control and keep up the good work.

  • I’d suggest to your bf you do it again and again. Start paying more and more attention to his friend. Do it to the point where your bf is left holding his dick in his hand while you and the friend fuck like crazy.

  • Be happy you have a great chance to be open and have a big cock when you want even if your b/f is there

  • Insist now that its started his friend can fuck you whenever you feel like it after all your boyfriend started it.
    Nice fucking sweetie.

  • If you're so pissed at him you should have no trouble enjoying his friend's bigger cock behind his back.

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