My Ex-Girlfriend's First Cum Facial

My ex gave me so many handjobs and sex in 3 years. She was an Indian 20-something year old American. She was a nymphomaniac and loved sex anytime she could get it. But blowjobs were hard for her. She could never get used to my cum, especially since I had so much cum accumulated for her every weekend. I would literally stop jerking off for like 5 days before seeing her on Saturdays.

And her father, was a racist asshole. He hated me from the beginning, which made me want to do more crazy things with her. Which I did :)

Anyway, she invited to sleepover her place for the first time. Her dad was asleep in his own room and did not even know I was there!

I sneaked inside my girl's room and closed the door. We got undressed and I started fingering her. She was too lazy to blow me again so I got to her side, and while I was fingering her with my left hand, I started stroking my cock over the side of her face my with right hand.

She already knew what was cumming! And in any other situation she would have ducked, but being that I was fingering her pussy, she was turned on with her eyes closed. It was a perfect moment for her first facial. I blasted cum over her face and directly into the bed. I missed the first couple of shots because of how hard I was stroking my dick! So I lowed the tip of my dick to her mouth and sprayed her face from one side of her cheek and to the other. I still remember the cum stripes all over her fucking face! I loved it. And 10 years later, I still crack a smile knowing I gave my ex-indian girlfriend a fucking cum facial in her house, while her family was just next door.

Memories :)

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  • Get over it and yourself, weenie wager !

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