Can’t stop going through my gfs moms panties

Ever since I met her I’ve wanted have sex with her as she is really attractive. In her late 40’s. The thing that set me off with was a time when I went to the bathroom to find one of her thongs on the bathtub drying and I absolute lost it came inside them. Since then I’ve been sneaking in her room and going through her panties and she literally wears nothing but thongs. The first time I open her drawer I near fainted because I found a gold mine. I cum on all of her dirty thongs, I cannot help myself.
Now ever time I see her I’m just wondering which thong she has on today. I wish I could have her to myself. I’ve never came so hard from anything else other than cumming on her panties.
I’ve even gone through her moms panties and it’s the same thing.. all thongs. It fucking amazing.

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