Incest/male bonding

Reading about guys’’ experiences with older male relatives and how much they’ve liked it and sometimes becoming a discreet/secretive regular thing, knowing it’s wrong but so badly wanted by both sides (when it’s wanted/consensual) gets me so turned on I sometimes wish I were in their shoes...
It woke up a side of me I didn’t know I had and it got me thinking - if there’s ever a chance of being tag teamed/shared by a real set of white or latin biological dad/son, uncle/nephew, cousins or brothers (especially if twins), I’d love for that to happen. Seeing one guy’s reaction as he watches his relative burying himself deep inside me and flooding this dark skinned guy’s guts, then taking over and doing the same for as long as they want/can. The pair doesn’t necessarily have to touch each other but if they do I’ll enjoy the show too. I know the chances of that happening are very remote, so I don’t hold my breath.


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  • That’d be nice...only with white ppl tho. Don’t have anything against blacks, I just don’t find them attractive

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