Fat wife gave me a blow job while pooping

Every morning my wife hauls her fat ass into the bathroom, sits on the toilet, and looks at Instagram while she poops. We’ve been married long enough now (we’re both in our 30s) that she doesn’t feel she should close the door or anything. So I’m laying there on our bed looking at her from the bedroom and I’m suddenly aroused.
My wife is a fat woman. A fat woman who sometimes controls and dominates me. I’ve tried to assert myself but she always seems to win any contest of will between us. So I honestly have no idea what came over me the other morning.
She has just started her usual routine and has just sit down and I can hear everything and at first I’m repulsed and resentful I have such a fat wife who is willing to let me see her like this. So in a moment of horny rebellion I decided I was going to to assert myself sexually over her right at that very moment.
I got up, slid out of my drawers and marched right up to her. She looked up and started to say good morning but I grabbed her by her hair and shoved my penis in her mouth. She was surprised but welcomed it. She put her phone down and went to work.
She didn’t even stop pooping while she sucked me off. I could feel her body as she squeezed her shit out of her massive ass, and she sort of had to bear down on my dick a couple times until getting it all out.
I blew a huge load in her mouth and could barely keep standing. After I cum in her mouth she lets me out and back away and I damn near collapse onto the floor. She nonchalantly swallows me while she starts getting the toilet paper to wipe herself. While she’s wiping she tells me to go wait for her on the bed because she wanted hers now. After she made me go down on her she said to go make her pancakes for breakfast so I did.
It was a fabulously weird blowjob. My wife, hell shes gotta weigh over 400 pounds, sucking me off while trying to take a shit, swallowing like it’s nothing while wiping her fat ass...so hot.

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    • This is disgusting. She shits in front of you and she is a fat bushpig. Harden up mate. Tell the obese bitch to lose some weight. Why would you even live with this thing. You must be a total loser.

    • Keep fattening her until she needs you for everything, THEN you can dominate her fat cunt

    • My wife is 570lbs and has the exact same morning routine. She takes a massive shit while reading her Facebook and Instagram stuff. More often than not I make her suck my dick while she is shitting. I can feel her whole body contract while she grunts out her huge turds. The bitch can suck like a champion and it's earth shattering. I then wipe her enormous butt because her arms are too short and her body is so round and wide. We then jump in the shower together and have mind blowing mission impossible sex before breakfast. The only way I can describe sex with my wife is it's like fucking one of those big rubber exercise balls. Big, soft, and bouncey. Life is good when you have a big fat horny girl for a wife.

    • Bucky the pig fucking loser sympathizers with your disgusting situation. He also has a scat fetish and a severe case of projection. His 700lb wife shits in the street and he collects her turds and snacks on them as he cruises the streets for homeless teenage boys.

    • Your 500 lb. sperm-filled gut doesn’t stop you from fucking your mom’s corpse. Sick fuck!

    • My wife is 710lbs and loves to poop in public like a homeless bum. It so weird and shocking but it makes her horny as fuck, especially when people see her doing it...Then we go home, I wash her up and we have the most intense sex imaginable. It's disgusting, bazaar and surreal but mind blowingly erotic at the same time.

    • Her shits must be massive. How does she wipe that 700lb ass or do you get stuck with doing it?

    • She uses your tongue.

    • I do it for her. When she is done I just want to get her the hell out of the area a quickly as possible so it's just faster if I clean her up.

    • This is great, I’ll try do have my wife suck my cock while she doing it. My wife is hot, 40’s milf who pees and poos with the door open like inviting every one including our 20 yr olds to see her wash her pussy. I know she’s hot and I like seeing her pussy while her pee oozes from her cunt lips but I’m not entirely liking her poo. She likes to have me in the bathroom and chat while she sits and lets me hear the drops of her shit. This makes we make things worth my time by shoving my cock in her mouth and unload. Thanks!

    • I can relate to this. my wife is close to 400lbs herself. We have "toilet" time often. I make her send me pictures of her "leavings" when I'm not around. Being a big girl, sometimes they are massive. When ever she has a large one, she will orgasm passing it. I then get to orgasm on the paper she cleaned herself with while she holds it. That's the great thing about being married for 25 yrs....NOTHING is off limits. We have had nights where she has asked me to get off looking at her "turd" pictures while she watched. I have had countless times where she has sucked me off, while dumping, having my semen drip from her mouth onto her tits and into the turd filled bowl!!!!

    • Wish my wife would do this. So fucking hot! I'd pay money to see this!

    • Love it. OP here, and in the few weeks since posting that we’ve opened up a new chapter in our marriage. It started with that BJ and morphed into my dirty fucking my wide up her fat, messy ass. It’s evolved more from there and I’ll leave it at that. Just add that toilet play is actually a lot of fun.

    • Ima chick who fucks other chicks. Your wife sounds fun, and even though I work out relentlessly I’ve always wanted to crush a fat chick. I’d love to know more about your wife.

    • Send me your email address and ill gladly show you what i crush on everyday

    • 44ddwombat@gmail.com

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