Anal sex?

Hello my name is Katie and I'm almost 18. Well in about another month. My boyfriend Josh likes anal sex. We have regular sex and oral sex also. The anal sex I don't enjoy so much. I'm trying to but it feels very uncomfortable. Basically makes me feel like I have to go. I want to please him but if it doesn't ever feel good I can't see continuing with it. I don't even enjoy small things in there let alone his cock. He is about 6 inches long and 4.5 inches around. We usually start with his fingers. First one finger then another and usually end with three. We use lube and it helps but not much. He puts lube on his cock also. It's like a pinching feeling when he goes all the way in and I really don't like that. Very uncomfortable and I can hardly wait till he stops. I try and tell him but he will keep begging me and pleading until I give in. I really would prefer not to do it. How can I get him to understand how I feel. Makes me feel like my feelings don't matter. Very frustrated.

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  • My wife hates sucking cock, but she loves taking it up the ass, so I guess it's a good trade off. Also, if I really need my cock sucked, I've got a couple of buddies who can lend a mouth.

  • Does your wife know you are bisexual?

  • Hi, Katie. I would be happy to help you. Work with you so that you may find anal sex a joy. My husband and I have helped several younger women to find their way. You could watch my husband fuck me in the ass and later I would help you to stretch out your muscles. Then when you are comfortable try my husband's penis out for size. He's a great size for just starting with anal sex.

  • Piss off

  • It took me about month to enjoy anal. The key is to relax and go slow. I was a 19 year old virgin when I married my husband who was 30 and very very sexually experienced.

    He made it a game for us to play and it became fun and something at was only between us. When I have my period it feels so good orgasming from this. And it also has kept him from wandering, and in our bed every night.

    Make it a game with your boyfriend so he knows you want it to be fun and orgasmic for you also.

    I resisted at first, but he trained me to enjoy anal and orgasm. He went slow and gradually built up the time inside me. First just I minute then 2 minutes etc every night. The key was he took his time, was gentle and he masturbated me as he did it. By third week I could have in him in my ass for almost 5 minutes, and came from his masturbating me. After a month he could fuck me until he came in me my ass and I started cumming from being ass fucked. We been doing 30 years now.

    Trust me you do this he will never every leave you or be interested in other women!

  • If my husband doesn't give me anal at least 3 or 4 times a week, I get too horny.

    I love when he fucks my pussy, I cum very hard. But I love anal more, I sometimes pass out from multiple orgasms.

    I think I prefer it, as when I was 15, I would fool around with my 13 year old brother. We were playing around with lube and alot got on my ass. He was sliding his cock on my butt crack and we did anal by accident as he entered me and it felt so good.

    We started doing it twice a day, I masturbated as he fucked me and soon I could cum just from ass fucking. We also were able to have in cum in me without me getting pregnant.

    BTW my brother and I still get together for anal sessions on Friday nights. My husband doesn't know. My brother is actually better than my husband.

  • Get a thick dildo and shove it up his ass, he will understand then

  • My gf did that to me, but it backfired on both of us because I loved it.

  • 😂:)

  • Yes try to relax. Tensing up as the penis is sliding in will cause discomfort. Try lubing a finger and gently working it in and out a bit. After a while try adding a finger. Do this for a couple days and pretty soon you'll be off to the races. Hope this helps.

  • So true many years ago I hated to get a prostate exam. I mean one or two fingers in my butt and you would have thunk someone cut off one of my arms or legs. Well my wife left me. Had no real prospects to get any pussy . Met a real nice fellow from England who showed me I didn't need a woman. Shit now I can take cocks 8-10 inches long and 6-8 inches in girth and say that feels so awesome may I have another please. You'll get use to it sweet thing. Just try and not tense up your sphincter so much it will get so much better. Trust me.

  • Was your homosexuality the result of your wife leaving or the cause of your breakup?

  • Just keep working at it eventually you will really love it

  • My wife let me put it her ass one time. She hated it and so that was that. She gives me plenty of pussy so I guess it doesn't matter. I don't push her to do it. I would like to at least fuck a woman really good once in the butt. Some women love it like that. I don't know any that do.

  • It’s the best. Keep trying my girlfriend wasn’t into it but now she loves it.

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