Dumd Ass Dick Heads

What I really love and find very entertaining is all the dumb ass dick heads we find on this site. You know the ones. They post and leave their stupid comments on OP' stories. They are entertaining though they usually are not well thought out or even coherent sometimes. On several occasions I have come close to wetting myself laughing so hard. I just can't believe we have so many dumb fuckers in one location. It defies the odds. My post is short and sweet. You will immediately see what I mean. These stupid wankers will start posting the dumbest shit to my little piece. They just can't resist the urge to be dumb. It overwhelms them and they lose it. Post away you fucking wankers. They will be typing and throttling their dicks so hard the blood runs out of their brains and ends up as cum all over their last two digits. Enjoy away wankers.

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  • Learn how to spell you fucking idiot. Did you fail preschool?

  • Aw! Suck my dick you faggot licking ass eating bitch. I want to spread my cheeks wide so you can run your wet warm man tongue over my dirty shit covered asshole hairs. Smart out my rectum for me and give me a nice rim job. You love that nutty flavor don't ya?

  • That's what this site is for. People like me to come and fuck with people like you. Tell the truth you get off on my comments. You need my comments. Without my comments you would be sitting home reading stories about men sucking each others cocks while naked playing with your cock. You should thank me for the service I provide to you and other like you. I would prefer you just say thank you and go on your way. But you need me and you know it. I'm going to post more on other post. Just call me the happy poster.

  • Well said brother. That's why I'm on here too, so I can fuck with people. The more pissed they get, the funnier I think that shit is.

  • I love this!

  • The irony runs deep here.

  • Awe! go fucks yourselves you cock sucking stupid shit fucking prick licking cum swallowing faggot eating scum sucker. I love reading and posting and don't fucking care what you think asshole. Who the fuck are you to tell anybody anything. Suck my cock. Prick face. My balls on your fucking chin. EAT ME!

  • Thank you! You have really restored my faith in humanity. I hope that you get more stupid and idiotic as time goes by. Enjoy being a dick brains asshole eating moron don't you?

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