Why do so many “good girls” fuck bad guys

Ok women. I recently learned that my wife, who portrayed herself as a shy, good girl when we met and got married used to fuck several complete losers. And when I say fuck I mean FUCK! She let them do EVERYTHING to her. With me if the sex was any more vanilla it would be the boring task ever created by man or woman.

Why do a lot of women let complete losers fuck then like they are their personal toys but when they get married pretend like they’ve never had sex and are afraid to have a dick in them?

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  • My wife married her first husband when he was in county jail. She had to get permission from the sheriff's office to marry him and then afterwards she went home and he went back to his cell. They had 2 kids after he got out, the whole time he beat her and abused her. Finally she woke up and left his ass. I asked her what she was thinking when she married him. The fact that she had to marry him while he was in jail should have been a major red flag right there.

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