I hurt that bitch and good

My slut of a wife was cheating on me with a former lover. We have been married seven years. It really hurt me when I found out from this neighbor that my wife was seen in his company on several occasions. Seen making out in his car right in front of our home. So I just lost it. I invited several of the men I work with over to our house. I'm a long shore man and work long hours. But when I'm off I get serious about fun. I confronted my wife in front of my co workers. She admitted to the whole thing. She has been fucking this asshole who doesn't have a job for over six months. She said she was lonely. I told her that I would forgive her but after she fucked my friends from work. She thought I was joking. I turned her fat ass over to them and I sat and drank a beer while they used her. They made her suck their cocks and then took turns fucking her. I told her that she is just a whore that happens to be married to me. The look in her eyes as they used her and man handled her like a common ass bitch on the street. It was fucking good to see her sucking each of their cocks. After they finished I made the bitch suck me off. She was covered from head to toe with semen. I told them to come over anytime they liked and fuck her. She could barely stand when finished. I ignored her pleas for help and just sipped on my brewsky. She will not soon forget it. I told her she was lonely and wanted cock so here you go enjoy. Fucking no good whore bitch.


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  • Awesome make that bitch pull a train. That's what all fucking slut whore wives deserve.

  • In your dreams. Yeah right no one believes this shit.

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