Fucking around on my average husband

Might as well tell my story. I have been married for 13 months. My fucking husband is Mr. Average. His cock is under 5 inches and really thin. So I decided to fuck an old friend. He is a rock star. He is the front man of a local band and travels all over the country. I decided that I needed more than my husband can deliver if you get my meaning. He's so fucking boring. I still let him fuck me while I do my nails or what late night TV. My friend is so exciting and he fucks me good with his 8.75 inches of fat woman pleasing dick. I love to suck his cock and balls but not my hubby. His tiny dick doesn't warrant it at all. It so much fun getting cock on the sly. Oh yes I love cheating. It's the idea of maybe getting caught. Reminds me of when I was a kid and doing things my parents would have whipped my ass for. I so love to have fun and be a bad girl. I'm pretty fucking hot looking. I dress in a manner that men's eyes gravitate towards me. My husband is such a fucking pussy. My lover is a real sexy hunk who doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks. He would tell my hubby to his face that he is fucking my brains out. My pussy husband would cry if he knew. Oh well think I will go suck some cock. Maybe the drummer he's pretty cute and I can tell his cock is big and fat. Here's to all you fucking average men. Your wives are fucking around on you right now.

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  • Being cheated on terrifies me. I couldn't handle it.

  • I never met a woman who didn't fuck around. the married ladies are very hot and love cheating.

  • So true. Every woman cheats on her boyfriend or husband. Logic actually helps prove that more women cheat than men.
    1. It's easier for women to cheat. All they have to do is say yes to the next guy who hits on them.
    2. When a guy cheats, he actually has to get a woman to say yes to having sex (same if he was single). Then he has to get her to overlook the fact he's with another woman. 3. Women are loyal to other women they don't even know. They will refuse to sleep with a married guy out of respect for his wife.
    4. Women have a primal instinct to fuck the bad boys or strong men to give their offspring the best chance of survival. However, their instincts also tell them that the bad boys or strong men are NOT good providers. So basically it's in a womans DNA to cheat on her provider and have a child with strong genetics.
    So there you have it, all women fuck around at least once in a relationship, but it's not really their fault, it's programmed into their DNA to cheat.

  • LOL ! Hilarious ! " More women cheat than men ", but, "women are loyal to other women they don't even know. They will refuse to sleep with a married guy out of respect for his wife. " The best part of you ran down your mama's leg, but DO continue your side-splitting, half-baked, contrary theories !

  • Have you bothered to do any research on this subject at all? Or are you just blowing shit like most dumbasses on this site.
    I can tell you from my advanced human psychology class in college that the persons comment was almost dead on. We studied sexual behavior and found that most sexual acts utilize the primitive brain. We also took a survey in our class and found that more women had committed infidelity than men
    Maybe you shouldn't be so judgmental when you have no knowledge of the subject.

  • Like it, don't like it, I don't give a fuck ya dick head.

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