Fuck him, we're having fun anyway

So I'm in Miami with friends for spring break and the asshole governor has restricted access to beaches and has closed down clubs and bars due to the virus. Fuck him, we've planned this trip for months.

Like the old saying about "when life gives you lemons," the governor cannot put the brakes on us having fun. We're partying and riding dick at the hotel like we're on amusement rides. It's just been a couple of days and my friends and I have all gotten some a few times over. The guys down here are hot.

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  • It's a real shame we will have to burn their bodies. I would have liked to played with the OP's mouth and tits a bit first. We gets lonely down here in da Everglades. Wee! WHO!

  • Fuck em before they dies and them drops em in da waters. The gators, crocks, and big snakes will dispose of them. Critters have to eat too. Just sayin.

  • I have been doing some searching for numbers of deaths in the U.S. from traffic deaths to flu. One place said that for three years in a row estimates highway deaths reached 40,000. Other I saw said it was several thousand less than this number. One number I saw that stood out said 80,000 people died of the flu in the U.S. in 2018. Now the number from Coronavirus world wide is at 15,000 now.

  • 15,000 with China being over their pandemic. So what does that tell you?

  • Holy shit, I'm the OP and didn't expect to see so many negative responses. What the hell. The people here are mean.

  • What you expected people to be joking about it when people are dying and being infected. Young and old die. A girl age 12 in on a respirator in Georgia right now and they don't know if she will live or die. She hasn't even traveled far from her home. They are telling people to stay in small groups to try and cut the infection rate. But when you act like spring break is more important than another persons right to not be infected you are saying FUCK YOU to everyone else I don't care about you or what may happen to you. What did you expect would be the response? Jesus Christ mother fuckers are thick headed. If people keep defying orders to not congregate in large numbers we could end up in state travel bans, marshal law, and the military on our street to enforce it. Lets see how well you and your buds stack up against M16A3's, M249/M240 squad rifles that would cut you in two halves. No more worries from Covid 19 or anything else. Have a nice day.

  • I'm the OP. Whoa. I'm 20, my friends are mostly 18-22, and we wanted some Spring Break. We fucking paid for it. And dickhead politicians are going to prevent it? What the hell!?! I'm just sayin' that no one had a fucking virus and let us get our roll on. It's not a big deal.

  • No one had a virus, until you all got down there and got infected. Hope it was worth it. Dumbshit.

  • Save your breath, talking to a fucking Millennial is like talking to the fucking wall. They think they can solve all the problems in the world with "love". They've been brainwashed by a society who wants to control them because they're too busy killing brain cells to think for themselves right now. Any generation willing to give up their own constitutional rights is not very smart.

  • Have fun with COVID-19, I hear a shit load of you all got infected with it. Lol

  • I live in upstate New York and this shit is real. It's asshats like you that are spreading this shit and and are the scourge of society.

  • They don't care about anybody else but missing their little fun time. Morons and idiots every last one of them. I say put them on those infected cruise ships and let them party till they are no fucking more. That's what these dumb ass' deserve. This is what these liberal moronic college professors have turned our kids into. Nice isn't it.

  • What a stupid ass cunt. My neighbors kids went down to spring break and got stuck with no way home. Parents had to go the dumb bitch. Saw her in the back yard and told my kids to stay away from her.

  • Bitch could have stayed home and sucked cocks. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Maybe she should have sucked off Ron DeSantis.

  • I hope you and your worthless friends get the virus. The population needs to be knocked down or we will over populate the planet. We need things like this to help control things. So better if stupid fuckers like you get it and die early on. So we don't waste too many years training dumb fools like yourself.

  • Just think the future of the world is getting Corvid 19 at spring break. Fucktards in action don't you love it. In China they tell people to stay home and they do. Here I the USA the people feel entitled so it might take martial law and or military intervention. Stupid assholes like this dumb bitch. Don't understand it. She could have picked three or four friends to get naked and dance for at home.

  • No! " Fuck You! " you and your dumb ass friends are going make each other sick and then back home to make your parents and rest of family sick because you are a bunch of spoiled fucking brats. Plain and simple. You only care about yourselves. So it's fuck you.

  • The largest group infected is age 18 - 48 so you are not invincible. We all are having to curtail events and large gatherings like spring break. It's not just you who will have to give up things for a while. Get the fuck over yourself you fucking asshole. This is just more of entitlement . Sorry but your not. Grow the fuck up or die maybe. You drink and drive with wild abandon and also have lots of unprotected sexual encounters till your womb is a diseased filled clap trap not fit for human life. Enjoy it while you can the party is over. It was over long before your daddy's tiny little pecker filled your mommas twat full of what later became you. Best parts ran down her ass cheeks onto the bed.

  • Girl, everyone is frustrated but the problem is that its pandemic and it's best that you think this through

  • Pandemic??? Please motherfucker... There have only been about 300 deaths in all of the US. That does NOT sound like a fucking pandemic to me. STOP fucking up everything because your pussy ass can't handle the fucking FLU.

  • This sounds like an angry twelve year old boy who is definitely NOT enjoying home schooling, and has just resorted to writing inflammatory bullshit. But, on the outside chance it is a very irresponsible co-ed, because I know they exist, when you go home, stay away from " pussy ass " grandma and grandpa so you don't kill them with what you're most likely carrying.

  • Yep another fucking spoiled ass brat not getting their way. These people are catered to all their life. They think Boomers are bad. You haven't seen anything yet.

  • Explain only 300 deaths then motherfucker?????

  • As long as the right mother fuckers die. Like in war. As long as you kill and are not killed. Fuck everyone else. I live in Montana. Have everything I need. Water , animals for food and large stock of canned goods we canned from our own fruits and vegetables. Plus lots of guns and ammo. Nearest neighbor is 6 miles and nearest town is 40 miles. I will be here when the big cities are dead full of their stinking dead. They will be going door to door collecting their dead and we will be acting like just another day. I have a good supply of pharm/ drugs as I am a vet. Because I have a farm I also have underground storage tanks for fuel for tractors and vehicles. I'm a pilot and have a single engine Beech Bonanza and a twin engine Cessna 310 so I can fly away if need be. I'm covered pretty well and need nothing. We are totally self providing including solar power. My property also has a hidden bunker my dad built for the cold war and is well stocked. I don't get mail here have a post office box in the nearest town 40 miles away. I'm good.

  • You are also full of shit. Oh, you forgot to mention you are a lawyer, a contractor, and a journalist. Anything you want a tell us about being? Maybe a dick sucking pornstar.

  • Nope not a lawyer. I wish I was though. I used the G.I. bill after Operation Desert Storm to become a Veterinarian. I learned to fly from my father and flew 91 AH-1W super cobras in Desert Shield and Storm. Destroying Iraqi armor and military vehicles. After the war I returned home went to school to become a Vet. I also got my relator license. So I am a farmer/ relator/ vet/ mechanic. I also am a trained Aircraft Maintenance Technician and work on aircraft. I did that so I could perform annuals on my own planes and also neighbors. I love flying it's my greatest joy. It was the best high flying in combat much better than any video game. I guess the dick sucking porn star is your ambition in life. Not knocking it everyone has to be someone.

  • Awesome! You were in Desert Storm? Thank you for your service. Did you smoke some camels?

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