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Girls how old when you willingly sucked your first cock

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  • I was 13 and went out to my brothers tree fort because I was bored, had no idea he would be looking at magazines of nude women let alone where he got them. I started looking thru some also and then asked if this turned him on, he told yes and for some reason I flipped over the page and asked him if he wanted to do this. It was a picture of a woman sucking on a guys penis. He was all for it and minutes later he was standing in front of me just like in the photo and I started sucking on him

  • I was 14 when I gave my first blow job.
    One of my brothers friends who I thought was really the greatest guy on the planet spent the night at our house. We had kissed before and felt each other up once or twice but that was about it. I told him to come to my room if he woke up in the night and some time in the night he woke me up kissing me. I was so happy he did and told him to lay down on my bed because I had something I really wanted to do. I just went right to it, pulled down his shorts and started sucking on him. I had no idea what to expect other than what I read about in magazines and books but nothing prepared me for the ejaculation and I think it came out of my nose as I tried not to choke on it to loudly. Luckily for me my parents room was on the other side of the house from the other three bedrooms.
    I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and when I got back to my room he was gone, I was so bummed out because I was going to get naked for him and let him do whatever he wanted. I saw him the next morning and asked him why he went back to the bedroom and told him what I had wanted to do. The next time he spent the night we did the same thing but this time when he came to my room I was waiting nude under my blankets, we had a lot of fun that night.

  • My son was 15 the first time I sucked his cock.

  • Lovely

  • I was 11 years old at summer camp. I was asked by our camp leader to go get some biscuits for breakfast from common center. It was a 10 minute walk each way. On the way I ran into a boy who was in another camp going to the common center too. We stopped off in some brush and I gave him oral. It did not last long, but it was my first.

  • I was 12, with my first bf, but not him. It was actually his friend, while my bf took my vaginal virginity. We were on a couch at the friends house, I was between them, my bf kept making out with me and touching my tits. Then he said I should kiss his friend, to thank him for letting us hang out while his parents weren’t home. So I started kissing him too, and then he started touching my tits, and then I didn’t know whose hands were up my skirt. He put his arm up and directed my head towards his cock and I just went for it. I didn’t know what to do, so I just kept trying to deep throat. I thought my bf was helping me get more comfortable, then I realized he was pushing his cock in to me. I remember him thrusting and feeling insane pain, and he said that did it or something like that, but I never took my mouth off that cock until I swallowed. And I took my bf’s cock until he came in me. I know it’s not typical, but I regret nothing.

  • My first wife was 16 when she sucked her first cock. My second wife was also 16 when she sucked her first cock. Both lost their virginity when they were 18. My first wife sucked 10 or 15 cocks after she lost her virginity. My second only sucked 3 cocks but had 21 men who fucked her. She was on her way to being a cheater . Half of the men she fucked were married, including me.

  • My wife was 14, the guy was 16. She sucked 4 guys she dated before she lost her virginity at 17, and she had sex with 9 guys before we met and married. Her oldest was 40, she was 18. She had a threesome with a couple and kicked the other girl’s pussy and gave the guy oral only, that guy doesn’t count as one of her 9, she doesn’t count guys she’s just given blow jobs to, which probably another 5 or so, she didn’t want to say. She had threesomes with her high school boyfriend and his best friend before she and the best friend became a couple. He was her first anal sex, at 17. Her first hand job was at 13, and she said she gave those to 2 boys before she started given head.

  • Wife told me she was 19. Her friend told me she was 16. I didn’t know a lot about my wife’s past. Learned more after we got married. Turns out when she was 16 the only guy she dated was a guy that was like her best guy friend. Yeah she wanted him in our wedding. So the guy, my wife’s best guy friend was standing up in our wedding knowing that he has his cock in my wife’s mouth.

    She is such a good Christian girl wouldn’t you say?

  • I would say she is a cheating bitch.

  • I was 10. I knew what sex and oral was. I saw it on my brothers computer when he did not turn it off. And then used my tablet to watch at night.

    I had a crush on my brother's 15 year old friend, they had a swimming party at our house, and I followed him into the upstairs bathroom. He tried to stop me but the second my mouth was on his cock, he stopped and held my head.

    I did it like the girls in the porn. He came in my mouth and I somehow swallowed it all.

    We kept doing it for 5 years. But he didn't know, I was also with 6 of his friends I met them in the park on different days all those years.

    I'm 20 now and have sucked off at least 300 guys and swallowed at least a thousand of loads of cum.

  • And you're a guy, so not only are you a cock whore, you're gay too.

  • 13 at my friends birthday party. Also lost my virginity that day

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