Upside of Corona, brothers sister sex

There is an upside to have to stay home due to the Corona crisis. My two brothers and I can have all the sex we want with no interruptions. We are in our 20's and the 3 of us live together.

My brothers have been using my mouth, pussy and ass since I was 12. Sex is better than ever. Now we don't have to go to work so it a fuck-aton since last Friday. My pussy and ass and their cocks are sore from all the fucking. Have not dressed in days, in our king size bed naked. My fantasy is happening having sex with the two men I love so much, all the time with nothing to bother us.

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  • My sister and I have been in the house for 10 days. We were always close and the last 6 days we have been fucking like dogs. Mom's a nurse and working 96 hour shifts.

    Sis is 19 item 18. We finally admitted to each other we are in love. As it seems when we are with someone we want to be with each other.

  • Thats great, good for you! Enjoy each other, lifes too short.

  • 96 hour shifts, she must sleep at the hospital then?

  • No school. no work ...all families should be using the lockdown to sexuaaly bond.

  • That's what happened with me and my mom. We were both bored so I was watching mom/son incest porn until I blew my load. My mom caught me but didn't get mad she started watching it with me. She got so horny she told me to fuck her. I did and lasted longer because I had just blown my load before. Now we just keep on fucking.

  • Great!

  • Hope you are using protection.

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