Dogs give mind shattering blowjobs

I've always pissed outside whenever I have the chance. Last week a friend asked if I could pop by and check on her dogs, because she was going to be out late; take them outside, food, water, make sure they don't get bored. I said sure, why not, because her dogs are awesome companions. So, I show up and the dogs and I cuddle and spoil each other, and on a potty break I figured why not and I started peeing. Well, apparently my pee is like nectar to these dogs; two of them started licking my piss directly from my cock, incidentally giving me some amazing head in the process. Once I got over the initial shock I realized my cock was harder than it's ever been. I came so hard I could barely see, they licked that up too, and then just kept licking until I literally had to push them away so I could zip up(I never knew this, but immediately post cum the head gets unbearably sensitive). Highly recommend, 10/10, will do every chance I get.

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