Control or just sex

Most men don't have a clue about how a woman can control the sex act. A woman can be overt and aggressive or passive in getting what she wants.
My first wife in the beginning of our marriage was submissive and never assertive at all. I would jump her anytime day or night and she never complained one bit. I decided what position we would do it in even what room we did it in.
That all changed when we and her friend went out to a club and i had to stay sober and be the designated driver. Her friend was a co worker who was dating some guy who was away on business . Before we left,
my wife asked how far could she go at the club? I asked her to explain what she meant and she said what should she do if some guy asked her to dance and started rubbing her ass or started grinding her pussy with his dick ? I stupidly told her to enjoy herself and go with the flow, she grinned
and said ok.
As the night went on I noticed my wife and her friend were drinking to much and my wife was dancing with 2 guys in particular. I watched as she would slow dance with one or the other of these two young guys in their 20s. They would be grabbing her ass or grinding so tight together that she was being turned on. While all this was going on her coworker kept me occupied by rubbing my hard cock and grabbing my ass which I didn't mind at all
While I was being distracted my wife and her 2 guys disappeared from view, I found out later that she left the club with the guys and went to their car. She explained that she knew what she was doing and wanted to see if she could control them so they would do what she wanted Well you can guess what happened , she fucked both of them and drained both of their cocks . she admitted it was the best sex she ever had, she loved making them do what ever she wanted including cleaning her up after each had cum in her.
She returned after an hour as I was grinding her friend. We left for home when she told me all that she had done. I was in shock , how could this submissive wife of mind become a dominant woman ?? She explained it wasn't just sex ,it was control , the ability to control 2 lovers sexually and make them do what ever she wanted.
I remember sitting at the kitchen table as she told me all of this, I was numb she then told me I could have her friend to make up for what she did. Her friend was grinning from ear to ear took my hand and dragged me up to the guest room where she had me all night long. I wasn't complaining and enjoyed her co worker who was also into control and fucked me in every position you can imagine.
After that weekend our marriage changed for good. She became more dominant and wanted " more " as she explained it.
I asked why she had changed so completely that weekend .She said it was a long time coming. She got some of her ideas from her coworker who as I have said was also into control. She admitted she watched me and her friend fucking and noticed how her friend controlled me while fucking. She watched as her coworker milked my hard cock and sat on my face . My wife noticed how her friend handled my throbbing cock with her pussy and made me cum over and over. After watching me with her friend she knew she could handle any cock she wanted She could milk a man or edge him into submission.
I have to admit she was very good at what she did. Its a good thing i was in my early 30s or I would never been able to keep up
As time went on i saw less and less of her friend and my wife wanted more men to control, which she did. She must have had a dozen lovers that I know about. I will never know the true number of men she had.
She completely controlled our sex life, she would give me sex from time to time and i have to admit she was very good at it, she could control when I came or edge me all night long. She had a way of gripping my cock with her pussy which was amazing. I remember one night she came home after fucking one of her lovers, jumped in the shower and came out balls ass naked and fucked the shit out of me, wow, it was great.
i knew i couldn't live like that for the rest of my life , never knowing who she was with or when she was coming home. We wound up getting a divorce. I saw her some years later , she was married to someone new who had no problem with her sexual control . We went to some cheap motel and fucked like wild animals. We see each other from time to time and as usual she controls the sex

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