Not quite 4 hour erection, but....

This past Saturday evening I took Viagra and got it on with my wife. It was unbelievable! After fucking her pussy through three orgasms and over thirty minutes she said "Stop! No more!" So she took me into her mouth and I knew by the lack of feeling in my cock that it wasn't going off anytime soon. I enjoyed the sight of my cock going in and out of her mouth until she complained that her jaw was getting sore, so she hung her head over the side of the bed and let me throat-fuck her. She doesn't care for it, but I really like the gagging and choking sounds she makes and I thought maybe that would help me get off. Nope. When she could take no more of that she asked "What is going on?" I said it was probably one of those 4 hour erections they warn about then when I suggested she let me in her pussy again she said it was sore, but spread her legs. After fucking her to another 2, very intense orgasms, and another twenty or so minutes in her pussy, she asked me to stop and offered her ass, which really surprised me because it usually takes a lot of vodka before she gives up her ass. I didn't need any lube, her orgasms had provided that. When I forced my way into her tight rear hole she cried out in pain then continued to express her disapproval as I set to pumping her ass. It was awesome listening to her moaning and squealing while I fucked her lovely ass and I thought that might excite me enough to give her a semen enema, but nope again. Then I decided to hammer her with the hopes of getting off, and it was great. I have to admit I really enjoy knowing that fucking her ass causes her pain and usually that works me up enough to cum, nope. But, for the first time in eight years with her she had an orgasm while I fucked her up the ass and it was wild! She kicked and squirmed and even bucked up and down, almost throwing me out of her ass, it was just like a "rodeo fuck". She cried out "NO MORE!" and when I stopped pounding her she squirmed out from below me and gave me a look like she was terrified. I knew that I wasn't going to get off fucking her so I called the hospital, and on the advice of a nurse I took a cold shower, but my cock was still throbbing, rock solid. I told my wife that I was going to the hospital, then on the way called a friend to tell him of my dilemma and asked if his wife was available. (we double fucked her once before). Ten minutes later he let me in the back door and told me to wait while he got her to straddle him on the couch. A short while later I was forcing my cock into her pussy along side his cock, and she was trembling with excitement. She orgasmed quickly, followed by him a short while later, and I kept right on fucking her until his flaccid cock slipped out of her. A few minutes later with her husband mauling her tits, she was cumming again and I stilled show no sign of release. While she quivered and twitched I pulled out of her pussy and pressed against her asshole, causing her to pull away and sit next to George. I stepped onto the couch, guided my cock to her mouth and started to face-fuck her while she sucked my cock just as wonderfully as she had once before. But, after a few minutes she turned her head away and said she couldn't take any more. George moved her to the floor and laid her on her stomach and told me to fuck her cunt again, which I did. Helen had another orgasm and while she was enjoying that I pulled out of her cunt and rammed my cock up her ass. George gave me the thumbs up and I started to pound her, enjoying her suffering like I had earlier with my wife. Helen had a very spastic orgasm which George told me took 24 minutes to fuck out of her and then, a few moments later, with no warning at all I blasted a big load into her twitching, wiggling ass. While his wife looked at me with total satisfaction I told them that it had been just over 3 hours since I first shoved my cock into my wife. Before I left Helen told me if I had that problem again to see her. If I could only fuck like that every time!


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  • I’m surprised that you had any skin left on your dick.

  • So what's that? Like one inch for every hour? Nice!

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