My Ex got me to suck Cock!

After years of posting my girlfriends nude pics everywhere , she got even!
Glenda started giving me Estrogen ,and BustMaxx ,everyday!
After about 3 months my nipples hurt bad ,and were getting puffy!
Glenda would suck my tits all the time , and I was liking it , my nipples were always hard! After 6 months I was a good b-cup! I found myself playing with my tits all the time! I found out about Glenda giving me BustMaxx!
At first I was mad ,and then ordered my own pills!
I stopped taking them for 3 months tits stayed big! I started taking 3 times the dose! My tits got HUGE! Glenda told me she really liked my big titties , she dressed me like a woman slipped me a couple of Zannies took me to an AdultMart , we went back to the viewing booths ,I watched her suck a Strangers Cock! She told me your turn! I sucked my first Cock! Glenda watched as I sallowed his load! Glenda had me undress , my tits were being gropped! I swallowed Cock , after Cock, I was really enjoying myself
Now I go there every week!

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  • You fucking loser. Hey you can suck my big fat donkey dick of a cock.

  • My wife made me suck her lovers cock. Now I can't stop wanting to put dicks in my mouth. I love cock.

  • This sounds crazy. How did she "make" you??

  • Me # Too big ones

  • Nice now show me your tits.

  • How do I show on here?

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