My friends dog

My friends dog sits and licks himself until his penis sticks out. Then he gets up and humps the air real hard then he sits down and licks himself some more. Yesterday he started licking himself on the couch between my friend and me. She and I both started laughing at him. Then she dared me to touch it. I didn’t want to but she said she had before so I touched it with two fingers. Duke then went nuts jumping on me and humping my hand and arm. I couldn’t get him to stop. I think he came on me. My friend just laughed! It felt weird.

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  • Message me if you wanna have more dirty talk and we do the most dirty things together
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  • I just licked it! I made Annie kiss it and she put it in her mouth. But only for a second! We both laughed!

  • So very hot!!
    I would love it if you would put his cocktail in your mouth and very gently suck on his cock and slide your mouth up and down the length of his cock say 15 or 20 times. Use your tongue also by pressing it up against his cock while your are sucking on him.

    Please please don’t spit out his pre cum,

    Let me know when you’ve been a good girl and done this xx

  • How much of his cock have you put in your mouth so far? Have you felt it getting longer and thicker as it squirts pre cum?

  • No I’m not going to take my panties off or let him lick me down there. But Annie turned him over and dared me to lick him and I did that! And Annie’s mom came in and kind of caught us playing but didn’t say anything!

  • Tank your panties of sit with your legs open and let him go to work

  • What your saying is you wanked the dog off

  • Well now we just play with Dukes penis. It comes out right away and he just goes crazy humping our hands. But sometimes his claws scratch. And he comes in our hands. It’s warm and wet. He just starts humping whenever we pet him now which is nuts. I tasted some of his cum on my hand. It’s ok. We are inside all the time now so we play with him a lot.

  • Get on your hands and knees and let the dog climb up on your back. He will slide his cock in you and then a sharp pain will be when his knot pops inside of you. He will cum inside of you but he can not get you pregnant and can’t give you any diseases

  • I would just let the dog give you oral, it's alot easier

  • Fuck your friends dog he will love it.

  • Let the dog fuck.

  • Ok well we just did it again. We were just sitting and Duke just started licking himself and this time my friend told me to watch and she grabbed his penis and he went crazy jumping up and down and humping my friends hand real hard. He jumped on her and scratched her and this time I saw his come drip from her hand. My friend was bleeding from her scratches then she held out her hand and showed me his come and told me to lick it! She is nuts!

  • You are so full of shit number one you would know if he had came. Number two it doesn't drip it squirts. And lots of it

  • You don’t need to be mean.

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