I admit to being a closeted sissy faggot

Yes, I'm in the closet, though I have been out before. I so much enjoy dressing in femware attire. Without sites like backpage, I no longer can find any pro dommies. That was so much fun being feminized, dominated, exposed and humiliated. The spankings, the cock sucking practice with their strapons. Bending over and being fucked with them. The best was forced bi, though it may be better said, rewarded bi. Being told to suck his cock or made to beg for it. Made to eat all cum, my own and his. Begging to be fucked and being bread with big loads of cum. Verbally humiliated by being called a sissy faggot, cocksucker , cum eater, homo, queer. Without those sites, I'm back in the closet, home, dressing as a sissy, watching sissy faggot cocksucker fantasy humiliation porn and cum eating. Hoping to find that fun again soon.

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  • Hello you sissy faggot. I have a nice fat cock for your asshole just waiting to stretch your hole open wide.

  • Everyone has to be someone now don't they. Be proud of who you are you sissy faggot fucker you.

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