I'm a 50 year old woman who loves cock

I know lots of women say they hate getting random "dickpics" but I love them. Show me your cocks. erinstclair71@gmail.com

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  • My hot older sister, in her early 50s but can still pass for her 30s, likes to know that she still does it for me, so, will tell me to prove it by sending her a dick pic, which I do often. Doesn't matter where we are, either. At our respective homes, or an event. We were flirting around at a dance recital, and when the lights went down, she started playing with and poking my crotch with her long nails, leaning in and asking "Are you up?" and feeling that I was. I'd take a break and go to the men's room stall, take a pic or two of my hard cock caused by her, send it to her, and return to my seat next to her. The smile on her face, and head-nod was her approval in what she saw, and that she did it.

  • My mom is 50 and my 56 yr old dad can't get it up anymore. My dad didn't want my mom to cheat and he asked me to fuck her. He said he already talked to my mom who was very horny and she agreed. My dad goes down to his den in the basement and I fuck my mom in my old room upstairs. Recently divorced I hadn't had any pussy in months and glad to get some. My mom is one hot piece of pussy too.

  • You are so full of shit. You're probably 10 and don't even know where your crack whore mother is.

  • I doubt there is even 1 woman on this site. It's probably nothing but horny old men and retarded young boys looking to fuck with people or talk shit.

  • I'm a 54 year old married woman and I love cock also. Problem is my husband Greg can't keep his little 4 and 1/4 inch pee, pee hard long enough to fuck me. I tried last night to get some dick but he rolled over and went to bed. I'm sad, horny and need a good fucking and soon. I'm afraid the time has come for me to take action and find me a man with at least 6 inches of stiff dick and lots of cum to fill my wanting pussy. I so miss feeling my lover shooting a warm load inside me.

  • I’ll be happy to accommodate you sweetheart

  • I would love to take care of you with my 7” thick meat. I love to shoot my load in you over and over....are you in Honolulu?

  • Maybe you are a 54 year old guy

  • More like you're a 50 year old dude who likes cock. Faggot!!!

  • Lets be nice fags have feeling too you know.

  • I don't mind gays as long as they don't throw that shit in my face.

  • Yeah, but they can't legally force us to care about their feelings. Yet.

  • Send me pics of you and I’ll send you dic pics. Masterone77@yahoo.com

  • I'm a 50 year old man who loves cock. Please share your cock pics with me.

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