Bonding with my stepdad

I first met my stepdad when i was about 6. He was dating my mom and he was what I always wanted. A man to teach me how to be a man. I really got to know him those first few years before we moved in with him, and he was a great guy who was always good to me. That first summer in his house he took me on a camping trip, just the 2 of us at a lake. We fished and hiked and at night we went skinny dipping and then we sat by the fire all naked and I remember how big and hard and powerful his cock looked to me. I couldn’t stop staring at it. He asked me if we could try a bonding ritual that would make us more like father and son. He said part of him would come into me and we would be connected for life. He also said there was no easy way to do it and the first few times would always be painful for both of us no matter how careful he tried to be. But he was asking me if I wanted to be his son, and I said yes. We walked over by the lake and looked at the moon. He had me get on all fours and put something wet on my asshole and then told me to relax as he slid his finger up inside me. It was weird but ok. He slid it in and out, then put two fingers in, and then he stood in front of me as he greased up his cock and told me the next part would be hard at first but if we went slow we could do it, but once we start we couldn’t stop until it was finished. He got behind me and pressed his cock into my asshole. At first it seemed to slide it okay, but then it hurt all at once and I yelped but he didn’t stop. I felt it tearing its way up inside me all the way, and when I tried to pull away he grabbed my shoulders and pushed it all the way in. He asked if I was okay and I was crying. No it’s too big. He said we would wait a minute before going on, and I felt him starting to slide out, but just when I thought it was over he rammed it back in, and I screamed. I begged him to stop and felt him coming out and then ramming back in. It just kept happening over and over only faster every time. He said he was almost done and started to really slam it in and out. His cock got bigger and harder and went deeper and deeper, I begged him to hurry and she said okay and pushed me flat to the ground and just started jackhammering my ass as hard as he could and just when I wanted to die he said he was cumming and not only did I feel every blast and throb and jerk of his cock as he pumped his seed up into my intestinal track, I was ejaculating seed of my own, without touching my cock at all. He pulled out slowly and I was overwhelmed and bawling. He told me that I did really good for our first time, and promised it would never be like that again. We went back to the tent and he laid on the blankets with his legs spread and told me I had to do my part now and he made me suck his cock until he came in my mouth. I told him it smelled and tasted bad and he said that’s why I needed to clean it. He told me that I couldn’t stop it every time I did he would have to start over, so I had to keep it in my mouth the whole time. He said to go down as much as I could without choking, and he would help me. He kept me going right to my choke point and I was gagging and coughing and heaving, but he never let me stop. I remember my eyes watering and jaw aching and wanting to stop so bad, and then he said it’s cumming and to just keep the head in my mouth so I could swallow the juice, and then he exploded in my mouth and I didn’t wanna swallow and he shoved my head down on it and told me to swallow it all or I had to do it again. I swallowed what I could and he made me lick everything up before I could stop. He told me I was really brave and had endured a lot and he knows it’s hard because his dad taught him too, but it was over now and we could rest..: until tomorrow. We repeated everything exactly the same every night for the whole 2 weeks we were out there, and it was just as painful and horrible every single time, but I blew a load at the end from being fucked too. When we got back to the house he warned me not to say anything to anyone especially my mother because she wouldn’t understand. That night she went out to bingo and he called me to his room to show me something. It was a porn movie about a dad teaching his daughter to have sex without losing her virginity, and she was getting assfucked and sucking him clean and swallowing cum. We watched the whole scene and then he rewound it and started to undress and told me to do the same. We re-enacted the whole scene and all I could think was that he was the man and I was the girl, and he was liking all of it a lot more than I was. He grabbed my hair while he was fucking me so I had to watch the movie while we did it. It wasn’t as bad as the first time, but none of it was enjoyable until the very end when we came together. He told me that was the bonding of us getting in sync, like he was cumming right through me and out of my cock. He came, I came, but had to suck his shitty cock and swallow a load. Exactly the same system every single night for the next 3 years. Sometimes it happened a few times in the same day, but not once did it never happen on any day. He wouldn’t let me get my ear pierced or grow my hair long and told me if I wasn’t careful I would turn into a total fucking faggot and be more like a woman than a real woman, and every man will start fucking me. He liked to call me names like sissy or slutty or cumslut or his little fuckpig. Everything I ever thought made him a good man and father was a lie, but I didn’t see that: I just saw that no matter what I let him do to me it was never good enough so I just kept trying. He started giving me things to say like “fuck me daddy!” Or “I wanna taste my ass!” Shit like that. Sometimes he came down in the middle of the night and I woke up getting fucked. The worst was when he was drunk because it could take a few hours and he would never stop until he came. At least he would usually leave after cumming once, but the odd time he made me suck until he passed out. He never came twice when he was drunk. What gets me most now is no one believes any of this happened to me, and he took all of his sins to the grave with him.
My family has disowned me for ever speaking badly about him, and whenever I get high I look for men to use and abuse me just like he did. The worst part is I sometimes find them and get raped all night and I cum and love it — and then I sober up and absolutely hate myself. I have never touched a child, I am the child who’s never grown up. I am a man and a sissy faggot slutty fuckpig who cums getting raped by strangers. Every time I see porn I see myself as the woman getting used like a filthy fucking whore. If I’m high I like it, but when I’m not I’m so ashamed


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  • Lately I've been watching old Brady Bunch reruns. This is the first time I've watched the show because it was on so long ago. I would definitely fuck the mom or Marcia.

  • I'm 19 now, and since I was 13, I've been my stepfather's willing little sissy bitch. I also live 24/7 as a transexual. At 17 I started hormone treatments and have pretty B cup boobs. My nipples are so sensitive.

    I have always been short and thin for a boy, and have feminine features and am often mistaken for a girl. My birth father hated me and called me a faggot for playing with my sisters Barbies. I also loved to wear sis clothes she 21 now. We share bras and panties and sexy clothes.

    My stepfather came into the family when I was 9 and he accepted me as i am. He adopted me and sis when mom died. We love him so much. She confessed to me when she was 15, she was in love with him. I looked at her and said Me too.

    A week later we seduced him together, it was to much to resist, having a teen sissy boy and his sister girl offer their bodies to him.

    That night he took both our virginity. And he started us on incestuous sex with sis and him. I'm submissive to both of them, most nights I preform oral on both of them. Sis likes me to fuck her before work and Dad fucks her at night.

    Dad takes me several times a day anally. I love feeling him cum I me, and wishing I could get pregnant by him.

    It amazing how they both cum so hard during sex with me. They love me in a bra and panties. Sis love seeing my tits as she rides me. They both say I am the best of both worlds.

    Sis is pregnant, but we don't know by who. We both cum in her during sex.

    My cock is hard thinking about how a slutty sissy bitch could have impregnated his sister.

  • My step dad never did that but he did have me suck him off several times. He was always extremely nice to me and I never told anyone.
    I probably was his little head machine for 5 or 6 years

  • He should not have hurt you that was a very bad experience it could have put you off sex for life

  • Ashamed but you like how it felt...

  • You are the survivor of abuse.

  • No I’m not. I wanted it

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