I fucked up.

I went out drinking one Saturday night with some friends. We hit several bars on the local strip. I was pretty screwed up and I went to piss and when I came out everyone had left me. I sat back down and ordered another bourbon and a beer. I finished them and I decided I would leave. So I went out to my car and I sat there for a bit but finally decided I would just take it easy. So off I went. I was driving on the boulevard taking it easy and I reached in my coat pocket for a cig. I reached for the cigarette lighter and I found myself heading for several parked cars. I tried to correct and I ended up swerving into oncoming traffic. I whipped the wheel the other way and I jumped the curb hit a mail box came down on to the street and side swiped three or four parked cars . I then proceeded down the road a bit and I must have drifted off and when I came to my car had stopped. I opened the door to get out and I fell about 8 or 9 feet to the ground. When I looked up I could see that I was in a huge tree. The road was up higher. I climbed to the top and I saw lots of red and white lights way down the road. Naturally I thought the worst so I began walking away from the scene. I walked up a block it was all mainly business's and they were closed. Then over two blocks were it was mainly rowhomes. I was going down the side walk when a car pulled up and it was one of the guys I had been with. He asked me if I needed a ride home. I live like 10 miles from there and so he took me home. I told him what had happened. He asked where my keys were. I told him probably in the ignition. He said that he would be my alibi. He would say that I was with him and he gave me a lift home cause I was buzzed. I left the keys in the car and someone must have stolen it from the bar. We didn't have to do that as the Police showed up at my place later in the morning. I told them to call my friend and he would verify what I had said. The cops told me that whoever it was hit 9 parked cars took out a us postal box, and then went through the air into a tree. They looked me over and as I didn't have a scratch on me felt that just maybe I was telling the truth. This happened back in 1976 and the car was a 70 GTO with a 455 and a four speed. I miss that car it was lots of fun. I bought it in 75 with 40 thousand miles for $3000 from the original owner man it was sweet. I almost for got it was a Judge in Orbit Orange.

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  • About the same time a drunk buddy dozed off at the wheel (71 SS Chevell), - woke up and he was headed for a parking lot with a phone booth nearby.
    He came to a quick stop -- a cop was sitting at the other end of parking lot, he hops out of car and makes a dash for the phone -- like he has to make and urgent call -- he makes a fake call -- he can see the cop is eyeballing him-- so he makes believe the call turned out to be good news and goes into a half hour fake chat with the straw man till the cop leaves. "i almost ran over the phone booth right in front of the cop" we still laugh about it.

  • Story incomplete. How many times did the guy fuck you afterwards for offering his help? Spare no details!

  • Holy shit you were one crazy som bitch weren't you? I had a friend that got really drunk and ended up running into a police car. The car was parked outside the police station. He kept right on going. They never did find out who did it. He just parked the car in his dad's barn and went and bought another $100 Chevy. Those were the days.

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