Love, sex and the Trucker.

My lovely wife and I don't have much sex anymore. We had four children together and during that time lots of great sex. She has put on pounds like most of older people have. But she still has a great body and turns me on. I was posting pictures of her on several porn sites. Pics of her when we first started dating and pictures now. I had lots of men and women say she was sexy and wanting to be with her. This really turned me on. I have always wanted to watch her with another man. She has let me have my fantasies and she knows all my perversions well. Including seeing her getting big huge black cocks as well. She has indulged me in these fantasies which has been fun.

On one particular website, Domywife dot com I met a man who is a truck driver. He does long halls mostly on the west coast. I have exchanged pictures of our wives via text messages and we have even talked and skyped together. We skyped while naked and masturbating watching each other. His cock is like thicker and longer than mine. I'm small by any standards. Like only 4 inches. His cock is long thick and curved. Like 7 full inches and fat. I love his cock. He likes sending me pics of himself and his wife who passed a few years ago while he was on the road. Our wives have similar bodies. Momma bellies, big droopy titties and nice ass's . We both get turned on by chubby milfs. He said he would love to fuck my wife. That really turned me on.

He said he was going to be in my area on the east coast and asked if I would like to meet him. So I drove about an hour one way to see him. He parks his truck on Walmart parking lots and sleeps over. I got us a hotel room close by and he left his truck at a local Target store. I was really nervous at first. He brought lots of toys as he loves ass play. Man can he take some huge toys up the rectum. So we both got naked and laid on the bed. I stroked his big curved cock for him. I was so excited. My little penis got so hard. Then I started by licking his balls for him. I enjoyed it so much. Then I licked up and down that long curved shaft before taking him in my mouth. I sucked on his sexy fat cock and after about 15 minutes he shot off in my mouth. It was a lot of cum. I really liked how it tasted.

Before I used some of his huge toys I spent sometime licking his hole. He really enjoyed my tongue. He coaxed me into fucking his ass with my tongue first then my little hard dick. It was kind of loose cause he had been driving with a big butt plug in his rectum. We enjoyed the night together. I let him fuck me in my ass. It was really tight as he is the first man to fuck me. He said my asshole felt so good. Then he told me he wanted to fuck my wife. I told him I would love to see him doing her. We had breakfast at the local waffle house and said our goodbyes. He continued to text me telling me he enjoyed being with me and he wanted to see me again. I agreed and a few weeks later I met him again and we had more fun. He talked more about fucking my wife. I told him that lately we haven't been having any sex. She wasn't very interested in me.

I ended up getting hurt at work and laid up. So lots of things I couldn't do as I was pretty much stuck in bed trying to heal up. I was still talking via text and email to my truck driver friend. Now my wife and I would do these local dances and I could go do to my injuries. I told my trucker buddy he should find a way to go to one and dance with my wife. He got really excited at the prospect. The next dance was during his home time so he was off. He drove 13.5 hours to come to the dance. He knew what my wife looked like as he has seen plenty of pictures of her naked. So the night of the dance I took a picture of her in her dress and texted it to him. I told him good luck and to enjoy himself. I told him that if he ended up doing anything try and get some pics so I could enjoy them also. Pics and or video.

My wife Jan left and went to the dance. I was so excited. The thought of her with him was driving me crazy. He sent me a pic of her at the dance and said he is enjoying dancing with her. He was getting cold feet and I told him to just be interested in anything she said and did. I told him woman love that stuff. It was getting late around 9:30 the dance ended at 10:00 pm. I get a call from Jan and she said that some are going out for a bite to eat and she would be home later and don't wait up for her. I told her to have a good time and don't worry about me I was fine. She said she loved me and talk later. That was it. I was watching the history channel and enjoying American Pickers reruns. I watched the clock go by, 11, 12. 1:00 am then around 2:00 am I heard her come in. She told me that I was supposed to go to sleep and not wait up for her. I watched her undress and get naked. We have always slept in the nude.

Jan climbed in bed with me and I asked her how did the dance go. She said she danced with a few of our regular people and not much was going on. I said ok and she kissed me and then we said good night. While I was sleeping text were coming into my phone. Pics of my sweet Jan and my friend Gerry the trucker. I woke up early and Jan was still sleeping. I looked at my phone and sure enough there were pics of Jan and Gerry. I saw pics of Jan holding his cock in her hand. Pics of her sucking his cock. Pics of him sucking on her tits. Then a pic of her on all four taken from above with his cock in her pussy. Then a pic of her on her back with his cock in her. I was so fucking excited. I began stroking myself. Their was a video. She was sucking his cock. They were talking and laughing. He asked her if my cock was big. I heard my Jan laugh telling him no my husband has a little cock. Not a big one like you. She said my cock barely gets inside of her. He said oh no that's not good. Then she told him to shut up and fuck her. I heard him say yes baby daddy going to fuck you good. Just like Jan she told him not to say that. He asked why and she told him that the idea of fucking her father made her ill.

He sent me little videos of them. His cock going In and out of my Jan's pussy. The one I liked best I could see her big breast Jiggling back and forth and he fucked my wife. He asked her if it was ok to leave his cock in when he climaxed. I heard her say you better not pull out you. If you pull out I won't ever fuck you again. In all he sent me eight videos. My favorite one was of him filling her pussy full of his cum. He asked her if she liked his big curved cock. She took it in her hand and told him that it was so fucking good she wanted it again if he was up to it. Jan told him she hadn't been fucked like that since she fucked her best girlfriend's ex who had a huge 10 inch dick. This was a shocking revelation to me. Gerry then got up close and took a video to show his thick white cum in her stretched open pussy. She was playing with it dipping her fingers into her hairy cunt and then licking them off and also putting her fingers in Gerry's mouth. It was incredible. Gerry and I still text but he doesn't come she me when he is in town. My wife has gone and spent the night in his truck with him in the sleeper. Told me she was visiting her girlfriend in Delaware. He sends me pics and video of her with him. In their conversations she has admitted to fucking at least one black man that she met on the job. My wife I had no idea she was like this.


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  • The bf and i have shared a dick too. I had a knack thatt he might be gay so i asked a bi guy buddy to befriend him and try him. I gave my bf ideas telling him that i loved the taste of his member and that it was the best feeling ever. I said i loved him so much that id even let one mistake slip by if he just never mentioned it and took the secret to his grave. Then big shock a week later my buddy sends me pics and vids of my bf sucking and bending over and covered in cum. My buddys dick looked real good in my bfs mouth so i had some myself and i can see why my bf was all over it. Now i want to try to bring it up and see if me and the bf can both share my buddys dick

  • I am too embarrassed to tell my wife that I have given a blowjob and want to do it again

  • Its delicious just do it again

  • Well ok, I have done it 4 times. Such a powerful feeling to have a man ejaculate in your mouth. Embarrassing to admit.

  • Lose the shame. Cock is delicious

  • That is so fucked up in so many ways. Both are unfaithful lying whores. It’s sad that couples are so nasty. I’d be devastated if my wife did this shit. No way I could enjoy watching her w another man. That’s just fucked up

  • Breaker, breaker one-nine ! You got Gnarly Balls from Boise, rat cheer ! Looking for a sixty-nine at the back parking lot at the Pop-A-Squat Truck Stop Luluville , da ho' , too ! Gotcha smokin' dope and a rope to choke. Any swingin' dicks and drippin' wet chicks got their ears on ?

  • Now that is fucking funny as hell!!!

  • I'm a long haul trucker. My wife rides with me and shares driving duties. We are swingers and would love to hook up with either one or both of you. I am 6ft 4 and she is 5ft 8 . My cock is 8.5 inches and 6 in circumference. My wife has medium length black hair and she is a nicely plump older gal with a few extra pounds all in the right places. She weighs 160 lbs and I come in at 225 . If you are interested respond back and I will give you an email . You and your wife sound like a good time.

  • Such a horny experience for you.

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