I'm screwing my son's Basket Ball coach.

I have fallen in love with my son's basket ball coach. It just sort of happened. My son is the team captain. The coach and I started chatting and he wanted me to run a fund raiser for the team to help cover travel expenses for the team. I got involved with helping the team making travel arrangements including hiring out private coaches (Buses) and lodging. I was traveling with the team to see my son play ball. The coach suggested that I ride with them since I made the travel arrangements instead of driving my own vehicle. I did pay for my own room out of my pocket. The second trip we had arrived at our hotel and settled in. We went out to dinner at a buffet style restaurant. The whole team , cheerleaders, coaching staff, everyone involved. After that we had a little time to walk around and see the city. Then everyone retired to their rooms.

Around 11:30 there was a knock at my door. I was in bed asleep. I got up and answered the door. It was my son's coach. He asked if everything was ok. I said I was fine and he saw me yawning and apologized for waking me. He asked if he might speak to me a minute. I let him in and then he asked if I wanted a drink. I was a bit surprised but said no. He pulled out a flask and took a couple swigs. Then he told me that he had feelings for me. I wasn't surprised at all. I told him that I had feeling for him also. He knew that I was recently divorced through our chats. He was not married either. We began kissing and then we stripped each other and we made love. It was wonderful. I hadn't been with a man in over a year. Oh my God it was so great.

After that night I think everyone could tell something was going on. I told my son when we got home just in case anyone talked about us. My son said that he didn't really care. Coach comes over for dinner and sometimes he spends the night. I really do love this man. He is so tender and kind and great with my son. He doesn't try and be his father. He told my son that he loves me and hopes this won't be a problem. He also told my son that he has only one dad and he would just like to be his friend. It seems some of the other parents are talking about us and they don't approve. Especially with my son being team captain. He has one more year as a senior. We don't plan on stopping though. Why can't people just be happy for us.


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  • Nothing wrong with falling in love in this situation. Make it last. I was a mom who raised three kids who were into sports, and I get the hanky panky that happens on trips too. We all knew the hot dads/coaches and I knew at least one mom who hooked up with the coach, because I was there when it happened.

  • I'm a basketball coach and I'm screwing the mother of one of my players. She's great looking and recently divorced, but I doubt her husband who cheated on her had fucked her for months before. We met after a game on a Friday night which turned out to be a night her son was spending the night with a friend. After a short period of time we were in her bedroom fucking.

  • When our kids were young, I was dropping them off at my sister’s. My nephew walked in first and stopped suddenly. I didn’t know what scared him, then as I got in, I saw my sister, completely naked, bouncing on our kids’ soccer coach. I just pulled my nephew back, and pushed my kids away, and walked back out.

  • I would have done the same thing you did except after everyone was pushed away, I'd have went back in and watched your sister riding the soccer coach. That would have been so hot!

  • No cheating your single hes single, get it ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good for you honey. I bet your not the first mother he has screwed though. It won't last these relationships never do.

  • Several years ago when I was married I went on my sons schools trip. I volunteered as I was a stay at home mum anyway. I had my own room as my son wanted to hang out with his friends. I hit it off with one of the teachers and we ended up fucking 4 times.

  • I hope it works out for you guys. Best of lucks.

  • I coached girls softball and basketball, and always knew who the hot single moms were. They'd do anything for me so their precious daughters would get playing time or the position they wanted (one girl was an awful pitcher, but, her mom gave it up to me, so..she pitched a few times). Most were one-time or occasional things, but one, a gorgeous blonde with a messed-up situation, became a frequent thing. Not sure if I'd say we were together, as a couple, but we did spend a good amount of time together as well as frequent sex.

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