Fucked in School van! PART 1

Im 20(m) and this particular confession happened when i was 16 in school.
I used to travel to school and back in a school van. And us bigger boys used to always travel in the back seats while girls and the smaller kids travelled in front. I was just starting to feel attracted to other guys and this particular guy in my van really caught me... he was 15 but we had a few months difference. Everyday we were the first to get picked up on the way to school, and the last to get down back home. We always had this connection that I couldn’t explain, it wasn’t any friend like connection. And at one point, we were the only big boys left traveling in the van which means only we occupied the back seat.
One magical day we were traveling home and the vehicle went over a hump and we flew up, I accidentally grabbed on to his dick while he held my inner thigh. We laughed it off that day but our sexual tension started then.
The next day I couldn’t help myself and slowly gave him some slight accidental touches to see his reactions and at last i held his hand and asked, “i held yours yesterday, do you want to make it even?” He nodded his head and i was so horny that I pulled my pants down and slid his hands inside my underwear, i was so hard and he started stroking me. I reached to his pants and pulled down both his pants and underwear and stroked his, and then I continued and put his big cock in my mouth and started sucking him. This was my first time doing it with a boy. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it because I didn’t want to leave stains and get caught to the driver... he then returned the favor and swallowed me too.
Another day we went further and i lied down and spread my legs to give him a view of my cock and my asshole which i can say he loved because he fucked me and came in my hole. We used to fuck almost everyday and take turns. We get courageous and start doing riskier things suck as sitting on each others dicks to fuck which means the driver could notice much easily if he sees, or we would get totally naked, specially the person getting fucked, we would give each other facials and have it when we got down hoping the driver wont see (both our parents worked so nobody was home to see). We then started fucking in school or get down at either his house or my house and keep fucking longer. We even made a sex tape and sent nudes to each other. I used to love it!


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  • When I was in middle school, around fourteen years of age, there was this nerdy kid, also my age, and he wasn't quite right in the head. He wore his pants up too high, had the taped glasses, was a sissy, and terrible at sports. But when he changed clothes at P.E. , he would always reveal this huge cock, which would become erect of its own volition. The coaches gave him hell about it, but, he didn't care. Those coaches were just jealous. When I look back, Bobby the dork was the first member of my own sex I was attracted to. He was tall and had beautiful eyes, long eyelashes, but I was fixated on his cock.

    He walked home through a section of woods where neighborhood kids had built a dirt bike track. They hung out back there, smoking cigarettes, and pot, and telling lies, and tearing around that track on their bikes. They had assembled a makeshift shelter out of scrap lumber to get in out of the rain. I was following Bobby at a distance when a couple of punks accosted him with taunts and threats. I talked them out of whipping up on him, and walked Bobby the rest of the way home. He thanked me, even batted his eyes at me and I asked to come inside. He looked scared and shook his head. " Mama says nobody inside till she gets home. " He had told me his folks were divorced. I asked when she was expected, and he hastily said, "Five ! " I told him we had enough time. He asked, " Time for what ? " and I told him I would show him.

    It was fun sucking his slightly over nine inch boner. I had only sucked a younger playmate's tiny prick, and this was a man-sized monster. The best part was the fear in his eyes, his fretting about getting caught. It made me harder than usual, and was something I couldn't quite identify. Forcing him to return the favor was a turn on too. He became my secret fuck toy.

  • My best friend and I started sucking each other when we were 10 or so and we would do it everyday after school after we got off the bus. We had about 3 hours each afternoon before anyone would be home at my house so we had plenty of time to suck each other off and just hang around naked.
    We were about 12 when he asked if he could fuck me. We talked about it and I let him try it. Once his dick was in my ass we both liked it and he fucked me 3 times that first afternoon and we almost didn't get finished the last time before my Mom got home.
    After that first day as soon as we got to my house our clothes came off Vaseline in my ass and he fucked me as much as he could before any one got home. On weekends we would fuck outside in different places and I always liked the feel of his dick in my ass and how it felt when he came in my ass. For several years he fucked me a lot and it always felt good.

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