Friend maintaining my pussy

I’ve been having good regular sex with my friend and my boyfriend of 4 months doesn’t know.
It started awhile back when my friend and I was chatting and somehow got chatting about pubic hair, when he asked about how I maintain mine I said can’t be bothered anymore, I said it’s been some time since I’ve done anything down there, he said I will look after it for you, I said I bet you would, he said he used to look after his ex girlfriend pubic hair all the time as she couldn’t be bothered either, he said how would I like mine to look, I said smooth with a nice neat triangle.
After awhile I agree with a few T&C I laid on the bed with my feet on the ground and a towel under me, he started with scissors and that was fine, I had my arms over my eyes, he was gently pulling and pushing down there and I could feel the air from his breathing on my bits, he said are you enjoying it, it’s ok I said, he said you are really wet is it doing anything for you, of course I said you’re touching between my legs, the more he shaved the wetter I could feel myself getting, he started blowing and wiping his fingers over my lips to get rid of the hair, out of the blue I started coughing and immediately I could feel my juices trickling out, next I felt the tip of his tongue scooping up my juices and parting my lips, it felt like he was French kissing my pussy hole and I felt so wet.
My T&C clearly stated nothing sexual and do what he had to and that’s it, it felt so nice what he was doing, he caressed kissed and touched my pussy so gently my juices were pouring out of me, I remember saying oh god please just fuck me please put it in, kneeling down in front of me he started fucking me, he said I’m gonna cum he then lifted my legs over his shoulders and pumped me really fast, all I can remember is my orgasm oh it was heaven I didn’t realise he had cum at the same time.
And from there on he has maintained and fuck my pussy since and my boyfriend doesn’t know and I plan to keep it that way!

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  • Your boyfriend must be one dumb mother fucker. I don't know why you even stay with your boyfriend unless he has money?

  • Yes, good story, and on a subject I love. What color are your pubes and does he ever trim it in something other than " smooth with a nice neat triangle " ?

  • Ok. Good one.

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