How many girls want their dog to fuck them?

As the title says, how many girls out there have thought about their family pet or a friends dog fucking them or at least licking them.
I total get turned on reading confessions from girls/women who go all the way with an animal.

I’ve been really turned on watching women fuck a boar/pig and seeing how much cum fills them up and is sealed inside them, until the plug is pushed out leading to a river of cum

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  • I prefer a dog to a pony because a pony cums to fast and it is kind of messy to.
    I have had three children and was introduced to a trained pony once and I did not get much out of it besides a big cock and a lot of cum all over me.
    With a dog you first have to know about his knot so you can help him get it into you before t gets to big then when he cums he cums for a long time and a girl can finger her clit while he is Cumming and get off that way and it is not real messy but the knot stays big a long time so you are hooked together for awhile until it goes down after he quits Cumming.

  • I'm a 57 year old woman who lives alone with my cat and my 4 year old rottweiler sam. I would rather have sex with my dog than a man any day. Being knotted with a huge dog cock and knot is the ultimate sexual pleasure a woman can experience. Every woman should experience it, I have the most amazing orgasms when his knot is completley expanded inside me and rubs against my g spot. I ejaculate all over the place when I feel him filling me up with hot cum. Sam's cock and knot together is 10 inches long, and his knot is as big as a large size orange. Sometimes we fuck 3 or 4 times in a day, depending on how horny I am. A dog isn't like a man, after a man orgasms he needs time before he can get another erection, a dog doesn't. A dog's cock tastes better than a man's cock and his cum doesn't really have any taste either. A man's cum is very salty and tastes awful and so does his cock. No man or woman can lick pussy as good as a dog. I love to fill my pussy full with gravy or pack peanutbutter inside my hole and spread it all over my lips. I am only aroused by a big dog cock and not interested sexually in men. My favorite fantasy is to be gangbanged by 8 or10 dogs, one after another and be full of so much dog cum it's gushing out of my pussy

  • Mmmm very nice. Thank you for adding to my post x

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