Lusting over stepdaughter

My stepdaughter is 19 and she is very petite blonde and attractive. Cheerleader thighs and butt and very pretty.
I recently started to go through her underwear drawer and I started smelling them and masturbated to them a few times and in them. Now I can’t stop and it’s all I can think about doing when she’s not home and my wife is out of the house.
I started to make it more obvious by leaving my vaforate pair on her bed, I leave her panty drawer open and lay out the crotch so you can see they’re soiled. It’s precum and her cum. She doesn’t wear them I know this but why is she leaving her soiled undies in her drawer for me. I keep moving them around and make it clear it’s me. I also watch porn and masterbate in the next room to hers and I think she hears me.
She doesn’t tell her mom and she acts like everything is fine and we talk and laugh etc. I won’t touch her because I have in the past and she didn’t like it. She has a bf and I’m really confused why she allows me to continue to go though her pantys and I recently found a small pair of sleep shorts that always has new cum in them. Never washed just laying there so I smell them. It’s smells very nice and it’s the closest I’ll get to her pussy. I feel like I should stop but I can’t. It really turns me on that she might like it or maybe she wants me to do it. I’m not sure. It’s wrong but I can’t stop :/


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  • Typical salaciously deluded creepy stepdad. Look, she doesn't want your cock snot in her fucking bloomers. She thinks you're a barnacle on the rim of Satan's Anus. Cease and desist your middle age wet dream secretions immediately, or.....
    Hey, send her video of yourself, masturbating to " Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage " from the very next room, as you mewl like a debauched governess. She'll see you in a new light, something to use and extort. May she bleed you for every last cent you're not worth.

  • I used to jack off into my stepdaughters panties fromwhen she was 16 at school until she left home at 22. We were and are very close and this if she knows about it. I do believe she has to has never come between us. Pardon the pun....However I bet that might change if I ever told her that i used to cum in her school and college lunch salads lol. Mmm she tasted my used spunk for years. Ide have loved her getting it on tap though lol.
    No i have never touched her nor will I. Though on 2nd thoughts!!!!

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