Best looking cock ever!

My never told anyone story is, going back 10 years I started buying weed from my brother, I got into weed more so when I split up with my boyfriend.
The more I smoked the lazier I got and spent most of my free time in bed smoking weed, my brother would visit and sit in the chair next to my bed while I was in bed, he rolled a few joints and we smoked and talked.
On one occasion I was very horny, my brother was sleepy from weed and I started playing with myself, once I had finished my brother said “nice one sis” I remember saying so what, I was horny and I dealt with it, my brother said yeah ok I can just imagine you being ok if I was to do the same, I said it wouldn’t bother me needs are needs.
It must have been a couple weeks later and I got horny again, brother in the chair and both of us smoking, I start touching myself and a few minutes later remember hearing a zip, my brother has unzipped his jeans and got his cock out, he has a joint in one hand and cock in the other, when I looked at him he continues wanking and passed the joint to me, we both carry on passing the joint to each other while we play with ourselves.
I didn’t pay much attention to his cock until he stretched his legs out, he had what I call the perfect size cock, it was nice a thick and a good length, I played with my clit while looking at his cock and I had a really quick orgasm, my brother got faster and harder until he cum, it was the sexiest thing I have ever seen.
Over a period of 3 months we did this so many times and still to this day I can honestly say he has the best looking cock I have ever seen.

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  • My mom told me I had the best looking cock ever before we fucked

  • My sister and I smoked weed together when we were home alone. After doing this only a few times I jokingly told my sister that pot seemed to make me horny. My sister jokingly responded that it seemed to have the same effect on her. She started rubbing her pussy as I stroked my cock. It wasn't long until we both couldn't take it anymore and we fucked.

  • Proceed to having sex.. already having it together, just a different form.

  • Yeah, I'm hearing banjo music already.

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