Almost...Caught ( No Sex )

My wife had gone to bed, it was late. I sneaked downstairs with my binoculars, and put on black jeans, and a black, long-sleeved tee, and my black Nikes. I poured another tumbler of Grey Goose, drained it, and finished a roach of the green kush. Then, I sneaked out the back door to begin my nefarious activity.

The scalding hot summer day had not lost its' heat or humidity to the darkness. I was dressed for concealment not comfort. Knowing my immediate neighbors had already turned in for the night, I ranged further out into other neighborhoods. I knew my targets well, who had dogs, who didn't, who had easy access for viewing, who kept blinds and curtains closed. I eased up to a brightly lit bathroom window of a single mom of two, a cute little redhead, but she was already in her pajamas, brushing her teeth. The light went out, and I ducked away.

I worked in a parts house , and we had been quite busy, thus, very stressed out. The more stressed I got, the more I hated people. The more I hated people, the more I window peeped. I stared into an older couple's home from a hedge on the edge of their property. I had seen the old lady sucking the old man's dick, once, but not much else. They were watching t.v. and I moved on.

A row of townhomes had provided good targets in the past. A wooded area backed up to them, providing cover. Sadly, I watched two different couples in undies and nighties going to bed, shutting off lights. Looked like I was too late on this particular night. I caught a brief glimpse of a naked couple getting into bed. She had a fine ass, a hairy pussy, and small tits. He was skinny, with a big cock. Lights out, fuck me !

Down the way, a new row of townhomes had been recently built and were newly occupied. I watched them for several minutes before walking the wood line behind them. My pervy prowler peeper senses told me it was risky, checking out a new place, but, an upstairs light came on, and a tanned woman in a towel came into view. I got closer, and peered through the binoculars. She looked to be in her twenties, spikey punk hairdo, some ink on her back and shoulders. The towel came off, and she had decent tits, maybe 30c's , a great ass, a shaved pussy, muscular legs. The sight of bare female flesh excited me to the point of lapsed judgement. I moved even closer, crossing some sandy ground to a lone palm tree. I had just lifted the binoculars to my eyes when a voice shouted, " HEY MOTHERFUCKER ! " I looked towards a darkened screen porch, the first floor of the townhome. I could, vaguely make out a figure there. " WHATCHU DOIN' BACK THERE ? " I turned and fled. "GODDAMN YOU ! " he yelled. I stuck to the tree line, retracing my steps, careful not to trip. I hadn't gone fifty yards, and I heard him yell, " I GOT MY GUN ! " I looked over my shoulder, and saw a flashlight wavering wildly. Then, I saw a bright flash, a gun report "KA-POW !" , and simultaneously heard something rip through tree branches over my head. My sprint went into overdrive.

I wasn't in what you'd call good physical shape, but, blind fear sent a surge of adrenalin through my veins. I realized I was headed straight back to my house, and thought to veer off course, to throw him off. Another shot sounded and the bullet smacked a palm tree ten feet away. I lurched to the right, and ran between two houses, right past the first townhomes. I ran an extra hundred yards just to fool him, winding through strange back yards, upsetting at least two family dogs, leaping fences. I managed to finally get to my house, approaching it from behind. I got in the downstairs back door and went to the laundry room, tearing off my clothes, putting them in the washing machine. My breath was coming and going in great ragged gasps. I was almost squirting sweat from every pore in my body, plastering my boxer shorts to my ass. I even removed my shoes and put them in the washer. My heart was pounding out of my chest, sweat burning my eyes.

The downstairs lights turned on and my wife was there, clutching a robe around her nude body. " What are you DOING ? " she asked, her face a mask of worry. I did what any red-blooded pervert being pursued by a guy with a gun would do. I faked a heart attack. She called 911.

Minutes later, blue and red lights flashing, the paramedics had me on a gurney , asking me the same questions over and over. I began back-tracking my story, claiming to feel better. A police car pulled up, about the same time a guy walks up with a flashlight. The guy walks right in the middle of the paramedics and asks, " He ain't gun shot is he ? " They told him, " Please get back, sir ! " The guy moved a couple of feet and said, " I caught a prowler behind my condo and shot at him. " The cop had walked up and said, " So, you're the one doing all the shooting ? Come over to my car ! " As I was placed in the ambulance, I heard the guy say, " I got a permit ! "

My faked heart attack ended up costing me way more than a peeping-prowling charge would have. The ambulance ride alone broke the bank, let alone the overnight stay in the hospital "for observation" and x-rays and doctor consultation. But, the memories ? Priceless !

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  • Had some neighbors, two different homes actually, that had no blinds or shades in their floor length bedroom and bath windows or if they had them never bothered with them. Our homes were at the end of a cul-de-sac with woods and fields around. While sitting out on the patio having a few beers right after moving in I notice both went to bed super early at night Both women would take before bed showers and of course do their nightly routine nude. Could see their husband generally jack off Most night one or the other woman would jill off About twice a week the couples would fuck. My wife and I would watch them then we fuck like crazy, many times out on the patio. Others nights I watch from a chaise lounge chair and wank away. it was at that time we had our kids and in the time after giving birth the wife either couldn't, or didn't feel like having sex. I know I shot gallons of cum all over that place, often while the wife played with herself. Both couples moved away after a few years as did we but our sex drives stayed sky high after. To this day my wife likes to watch me edge and jack off. She even get me up in the middle of the night reminiscing our days in our first house before we go at it.

  • OP here, and despite the cavalier ending to the above confession, this incident ended my prowling and trespassing. From that point, if I couldn't see anything from the safety of my own premises or someplace else I was supposed to be, I refrained. I knew I couldn't out run a bullet, and the law would've caught me, eventually.

  • I work a lot at my computer and leave my light on with the curtains open. i've never caught a sign of a man perving me but it's impossible to tell at night especially if they are in an upstairs room with the light off and have binoculars. I don't do it on purpose but I've fallen asleep on the sofa a few times watching a show and i woke up showing thighs and suspender straps. I know I shouldn't in case something bad happens but it does feel saucy wondering if a guy is jerking off to me in the dark. Most men are now so discrete it's hard to tell most of the time if they are perving me. Construction workers are still the worst. I've had a couple of hungry looks off them as I walked past. I doubt any guy is peeping and wanking off. It's just a fantasy, you know? I had a snooze in the bedroom yesterday and wandered in wearing just a top and black nickers under fishnet tights. Sometimes I've just been wearing a sports bra and skirt as I wandered in and out to pick something up I had forgotten. If a man peeping sees me I'm guessing he wanks off. It's too public a view for more than this. I can't risk being more brazen. It makes me wonder if passing a neighbour in the street if he wanks off after seeing me. nobody pays much attention that I notice so who knows?

  • I didn't always jerk off while peeping, especially if they were just undressing. But, if sex or masturbation was happening, I would, and, if it was safe enough, I'd get completely naked while doing it.

  • I like being noticeable if a peeper is looking but not brazen. Men have wanked off before we saw each other because they were daft enough to tell me when i asked. A couple had that look in their eye when they said lots!

  • Most of my peeping targets were victims, they didn't know I was there. I did have an arrangement with a much older woman, next door, and we'd peep on each other, knowing full well, we were being peeped. Another woman, I dared to walk on her treadmill, in her downstairs workout room, completely naked, and she complied. I stood outside a window, and watched her, and jerked off. She only did it once.

  • My wife and I are sort of amateur sex surrogates. Find a couple like us.
    We were at a club dancing, my wife looked so hot in her slutty little dress I had to fuck her. Out to the car we go and go at like porn starts. "you're going to hurt her" our friend Linda is yelling at me -- oops. they had been watching -- her and Husband Bob. My Amy "oh fuck, how long you watching?" She tells her she likes it this way. No I was wasn't hurting her. Linda says 'you whore, you like it like that." and they laugh. IT turns out Linda and Bob have plain vanilla sex every Sat at 10 AM. And she can't get pregnant. A week later she tells Amy they do it every day real rough, like we do - 'who thought rough athletic sex is fun?' but 2 months later they're back to plan sex every Sat. Linda jokes "we need a booster shot-- watch you animals have sex again.'
    We're like OK -- what are friends for, watch us once, now watch us twice. And we have sex in their spare bedroom while they watch. We do that once a month for 2 years. Each time they fuck like us for a couple weeks. Then they tail off. And we love putting on the show.

  • Thank you for your service and contribution to voyeurs everywhere.

  • Next door a house was built. It was barely completed when a great looking lady I'd guess n her 30's moved in. There wasn't even any curtains put up yet. I checked her out in her bathroom and bedroom when she was naked. I got so horny I went back to bed with my wife and fucked her thinking of my new neighbor.

  • Nobody can see my bedroom window. There are some houses maybe 50 meters away but they won't see anything without a telescope. I don't know who lives there so would be creeped out. I would actually like to catch a man out peeping and wanking off even if he doesn't know it. Yeah, i have a good body. I'd be disappointed if he wasn't!

  • After I resolved to not prowl anymore, I moved to an urban area, and into a high rise. I had views of other high rises, and a hotel. I got a better pair of binoculars, and eventually, a telescope. I found the telescope to be too high-powered as well as unwieldly . Not to speak for all peepers, but, even if you had a bad or mediocre body, we'd peep anyway.

  • I like the idea of being peeped. It's an understanding.

  • Good move ! Did you continue to peep ?

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