Sex with dad

How do I tell my dad I want him to fuck me hard? I want him inside me so bad..

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  • How old are you

  • Give him a sexy little lap dance, if he’s into it then get closer and start rubbing your ass on his junk and putting your tits in his then you’ll get your answer ;)

  • I’m 42, a hot MILF you guys would like and I finally got my 68 year old dad to fuck me. He’s a handsome silver haired fox and women really go after him. He’s fucked my friends and he got drunk one evening and we tricked him into crawling into bed with me. He woke up surprised and I said it was ok, now we have sex once a week or so.

  • My daughter is 15 but she's filled out completely already. Last night we were watching a moving under a blanket together. I felt her hand rubbing me causing me to get hard. I couldn't keep myself from massaging her tits causing her nipples to get hard. We started kissing, then French kissing, and soon our clothes were off and I was fucking my daughter. I wasn't her first because she didn't bleed, but her pussy was so tight, and she was loud as hell as we fucked. I've never cum so hard or so much before in my life. She's on birth control so no worries there.

  • Good for you! Nothing wrong with a dad and daughter doing what is natural.

  • No you don't, just keep it a fantasy and masturbate to it.

  • Why, what's so bad about a daughter having sex with her father??

  • Just come out and tell him, that's what my daughter did. I had wanted her sexy body for years, but didn't think she would ever want to fuck. Once I knew, I pounded the hell out of her pussy!

  • Talk dirty to him.

  • Don't try it obviously your just a slut

  • Just let him see a bunch of pussy and nipple slips and see how he reacts

  • I doubt your dad is going to do anything with his 14 year old daughter.

  • No, I’m 22 and am a single mom

  • You are an adult and as far as I'm concerned you can sleep with who you like. It's hard to advise you without knowing how close you and your dad are already. But the obvious thing to do is be flirty and definitely be more affectionate. When you and your dad next hug, make the hug last longer and see if you can lower his hands to your bum/arse so he knows he is allowed to go there. Maybe get your dad to hug you from behind and back into him and move your bum up and down against his crotch. Do you kiss your dad,? If so, make the kiss last longer and obviously try open kissing. If your dad responds well to these advances then I'm afraid it's up to you to initiate sex because it's highly unlikely that your dad will make the first move. Once you got past the first sex with your dad, he will become more confident about approaching you for sex. I really hope it goes well for you and your dad. Good luck!

  • Thank u!

  • You're welcome ;)

  • In that case....I'd have him come over to fix something. Answer the door in just a robe, naked beneath, not tied closed. He'll be surprised I'm sure, but he'll give in and fuck you good. You'll see.

  • You know what to do

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