Cheating Makes Better Orgasms

I always was interested in my step dad since I was fifteen. I gave hints but he kept his distance from me. I let him see me in skimpy clothes and placed my hand on his groin under the dinning table, but I couldn't entice him. I started to date guys and step dad would catch us making out on the sofa. When I turned eighteen and my body matured a bit, I saw him trying to undress me with his eyes. I started to give him some down blouse shots. I have small puffed up breasts compared to mom's D size.
Then I saw the size of his penis thru the opening of his boxers. It was very enticing. The guys I dated wasn't endowed like my step dad. I told my boyfriend that my step dad cock was big. "Maybe you should be fucking him instead of me." and jokingly laughed. Rick, my boyfriend, unknowingly planted the idea in my head.
I started to wear a sheer nightie and mom always forced me to cover up with a robe Once while I was sitting in the back seat of the car I started to play with myself. Stepdad watched thru the rearview mirror. I pulled my panty over to the side and let him see me playing with my hairy fire red snatch. Then at a family dinner I felt his groin under the table harden up to my feel. I wanted it!
Then late one night I snuck quietly into mom's and stepdad's bedroom in my sheer nighty. They both was sound asleep. I carefully slipped the sheet off stepdad and started massing his dick. He thought mom was frisky and when he opened hi eyes he was surprised. I sort of shhhh'ed him to be quiet. He reached over and felt my tits as I started to stroke him. He pulled me onto the bed and got on top of me next to mom. He toyed my hairy ginger snatch with his dick and slowly and carefully pushed it into me. It was slightly painful but a nice feel inside of me. He made sure he wasn't shaking the bed to wake mom. He completely sucked my puffy tits into his mouth and licked the nips with his tongue. I was having orgasms from the feel of his cock deep in me. He gave me his load and as it shrunk and he pulled out, his sperm wet the sheet.
From that night to present day we would have sex now end then just to have good orgasms. Now and then, Rick, my boyfriend couldn't please me, so I would text my dad for a little hanky-panky behind mom's back. Once stepdad slipped his dick in me from behind when mom was reading a book in another room while I was washing dishes. My boyfriend, Rick, almost caught me taking stepdad's cock inside me while we was swimming.
I know this is a phase that won't last. While we both are horny perverts we'll take it to the limit and be thankful for it.


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  • It does indeed. Sex with my husband after childbirth (still in our mid 20's) became really boring. He pretty much convinced me that my pussy was bigger and said I couldn't feel him anymore. He would get out of sex as much as possible. At first I was convinced he was cheating but found out he was simply addicted to porn and preferred a quick fix without having to pleasure me. I wasn't too bothered either way as sex with him ended quickly without an orgasm for me and me having to clean up his cum anyway.
    But I never realised how much I missed good sex until I started cheating with an older former work colleague. He was a damn good looking guy in his early 40's. Also a really great fuck and it seems my husband might have been right about my pussy but this guys cock fixed that because I felt so much tighter around his much bigger shaft. I really loved the sex and orgasms came so easy and I had more than ever.

  • Nice. Enjoy your step dad's cock as much as you can.

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