Fuck Reparation

Why any you fucking people think white people should pay reparation to black people who were NEVER slaves. What the fuck is wrong with you people?


Dumb motherfuckers!!!



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  • I think most Black's are racist and believe that they are entitled to stuff. It makes me feel sick that this countries general public is so overwhelming stupid.

  • A lot if black people are racist as fuck. I don't understand what makes them think white people owe them anything.

  • Black people don’t deserve jack shit, they’re all fucking our white women anyway, so they can take their aids-filled testicles and their ghetto crack-head shit and fuck off. I swear those motherfuckers need to be run over like cockroaches.

  • Clearly a post by a backwards-assed fucktard.

  • I agree with the post. You prove why people should be paid compensation for something they never had to deal with and I'll agree the OP is a fucktard, but I'm guessing you won't be able to prove shit.
    Clearly you're just racist as fuck.

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