Fuck Reparation

Why any you fucking people think white people should pay reparation to black people who were NEVER slaves. What the fuck is wrong with you people?


Dumb motherfuckers!!!



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  • Most black people are criminals and free loaders it's in their genes end of conversation check the jails …….th only time they did a full days work is when they were slaves and not just here they were slaves all over the world even existing today in Africa

  • Fucks you! You shoulds pay all of us for whats your peoples have done to us. You kills us and murders us with your fucking racists ass pigs with badges. You owe us for many years of wrongs doing. I hope one days all my peoples will rise the fuck up and destroy you evil peoples. Whites are the fuckings devil. Blue eye devils all of you.

  • Yep I won't pay a dime. My grand father came here from Ireland and worked his ass off doing many hard jobs. No one gave him a hand out nor would he have accepted any. Irish were looked down on by other groups. He didn't whine or complain he just worked and worked and built a future. If someone put up a road block he found a way to get around it. But he didn't complain about it. Fuck them dumb ass people and the stupid liberals who want to pay. The aren't taking my tax dollars and giving to them. I will just not pay and I work for myself. I would go to jail first fuck them all. Stupid assholes.

  • Fuck white mutha fuckers. They should pay for all the shit they have done to all of us non white people. They should pay us every fucking year for the next 25 years at least. Especially that no good fucking Trumps. He should pays doubles.

  • I hate all you fucking crackers. You should pay for what your people have done to enslave the world. You should pay for your fathers sins. You should stop at every afro- Americans house begging forgiveness along the way and while your at it kiss our black ass's. You and that asshole in the big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue. Yeah you fuckers. White people have fucked our world up stealing land and polluting it with poison for our childrens. Fuck you all. Burn in hell you fuckers.

  • Well I don't like fucking crickets either you mo fo. Suck my big white cock. Aunt Jemima!

  • COMMENT #1 FUCK YOU!! You must be one of those fucked up Democrats that has everything else you have managed over the years FUCKED UP!!

    COMMENT #5 Ditto!

    The rest of you are right on track! I will be damn if I am going to pay any mother fucker any thing for some shit that happened 300 years ago. It is called HISTORY mother fuckers! GET OVER IT!!

  • Was your grandmother a slave? No. Was she perhaps a slave owner? Was she apart of the oppressive system that dehumanized black and brown people? If even one of those is yes. Then yes most you definitely do owe them something for all the damage your ancestors caused. And no Greg whites created this disgusting racist system. whites have never been and never will be systematically oppressed for the color of their skin or texture of their hair or where they come from. The way black people are. Imagine being a black woman and not getting a job you are qualified for and were refused because a white man applied for the same job. What? You don’t get it’s either cause you are a white man or you are a white woman. This is your privilege that you didn’t have to lift a finger for and Do you know why? Because your ancestors literally created racism and pinned several ethnicities against each other just so that you whites remain in power. You directly benefit off of this oppressive system your ancestors created. Now pay up to the lives you’re ancestors ruined. To all the grandparents still alive today that experienced discrimination 1st hand. This wasn’t shit that happened thousands of years this happened 60 years ago. People are still damaged by the shit your ancestors did.

  • 🖕🏼🖕🏻Stfu🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • I think most Black's are racist and believe that they are entitled to stuff. It makes me feel sick that this countries general public is so overwhelming stupid.

  • A lot if black people are racist as fuck. I don't understand what makes them think white people owe them anything.

  • The fact you don't understand shows your ignorance. Jesus you white fuckers are thick and stupid. Dumb ass's

  • Black people don’t deserve jack shit, they’re all fucking our white women anyway, so they can take their aids-filled testicles and their ghetto crack-head shit and fuck off. I swear those motherfuckers need to be run over like cockroaches.

  • Clearly a post by a backwards-assed fucktard.

  • Yep this place is full of them. If they want money let them get a job. Bunch of welfare assholes.

  • I agree with the post. You prove why people should be paid compensation for something they never had to deal with and I'll agree the OP is a fucktard, but I'm guessing you won't be able to prove shit.
    Clearly you're just racist as fuck.

  • You fucking honkey mother fucking piece of shit. Kiss my black ass.

  • We are all slaves one way or another.

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