How I started sucking cock!

Married for 20 years at the age of 43 my wife caught me playing with my self in a unlock door! When she opened the door I was stroking my self fast and hard and ready to cum but as the door opened that all ended! She looked at me and said have you ever had a man and I said no which was true! she looked at me and smiled saying why don't you then closed the door! We ate super that night and nothing was said of what had happen! Two days later I ended up at a gay bar and when I left I had sucked my first cock and swallowed a ton of cum!
I now have a boyfriend who I see often and my wife knows about it! I encouraged my wife to have a boyfriend which does have now and she see's him often also!

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  • Your wife has the best part of the deal because she is not bi whereas your a poofter

  • Thats good I really hope your wife likes her new lover

  • That's the best part of it all it's a guy who had hit on her some time ago but she never told me she thought I might get mad at the guy! We've known him for some time me and him have been out drinking with the guys several times so it wasn't long before he hit on her again only this time she told him she would see him when ever plus he knows it's ok with me if he fucks my wife! It's arrangement I never imagine would happen!

  • Odd story. Your wife catches you jerking off and immediately associates that with homosexual activity and suggest you get a boyfriend. Boy, that's a giant and strange leap.

  • Well it wasn't quite that simple I just made the story short since I'm not much of a writer but she did dill me about jerking off that night and how long I had been doing it not to mention about having another guy! Her having a boyfriend came much later! I'm not much of a writer and I'm glade they have spell check spelling is some what hard for me! Boy did we fuck big time that night I think that's what really help getting every out in the open!

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