Wearing panties

I love wearing Laurie's panties whenever I can. She wears cotton panties and they feel so good against my cocke. I wear them to work which keeps me hard all day.
I have now bought some of my own panties and only wear Laurie's some of the time. I wear panties all the time and am also into wearing women's leggings, t-shirts and bras.
The other week I was at my mother in laws place doing some work on the house. Both her and Laurie left for shopping. So I checked out Marge's panty drawer and had to try some of her panties and bras on.
It turned out to be a very sexy experience as i never thought that I would get excited wearing Marge's panties.
Her panties are Hanes cotton panties and were very comfortable.
I got hard and eventually came on her panties which I them out back into her drawer
I want to try on one of her dresses next along with some of her pantyhose when I am next there.
I had never had sexual thoughts towards Marge before but since wearing her panties and bra I keep thinking how nice it would be to fuck her.
Similar to the excitement when I think of fucking my wife's sister Sandy. I thought about that after trying on her panties, pantyhose, bras, dresses too.
So all in all i have worn panties of my wife Laurie, her mom Marge and her sister Sandy.
And yes I enjoy fucking all of them since all three of them have caught me in their panties but were ok with it and actually excited about it.
I had sex with Sandy last summer when she caught me. She just said "If you like my panties so much maybe you would like the real thing better.
So we fucked in her bed.
As for Marge, I went there another day to finish up some work and she was there. While working on the house, she was reading so I decided to check out her pantyhose. She surprised me and seemed shocked at first but then laughed and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I wanted to see what she wore under her clothes so decided to look in her drawers. So she came up to me and put her arms around me and said that if I wanted to see what she wore under her clothes the best way was to see them on her. She then kissed me on the mouth. I was stunned as this was Laurie's mom kissing me. I didn't pull away and soon we were deep kissing. I took her top and pants off and got to see her in her panties and bra. We were in her bedroom already so sat on her bed and kissed some more. Then we laid down and I touched her all over. I slipped off her bra and kissed her tits. Then I slipped her panties off and then slipped my cock inside her.
Wow here I was fucking Marge.

So here I am having sex with my wife Laurie, my mother in law Marge and my sister in law Sandy.
The only thing is that they do not know about each other having sex with me.
It is a wonderful thing.
I would say that the best of the three of them is Sandy as she has the nicest tits and kissed the best. Marge is the next best because she is the smallest of the three and goes slower but has an amazing pussy for an older lady

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