You Pathetic Bitches!

I'm fucking tired of all you sleazy ass white whores looking to steal our black men cause you think they all have huge cocks. Yes some do but many don't. Stay with your own fucking kind. When I see a brother with one of you I take him off to the side and remind him that black pussy is the best and that he will soon miss the sista. Yeah I said it. Black pussy is much better than your dried up little white cunts. Just ask any white boy who's got a piece of brown sugar. Yeah Mick Jagger knows what pussy is best and so did Bowie. It aint no white pussy neither. No sirry it aint. Black pussy taste the best feels the best and smells the best. NUMBER FUCKING UNO BABY! Stay away from our men you fucking no good lying cheatin white whores. I can paint my hair blonde and look better than yo ass. Nothing like a good sista to make a brother feel like a man. Stick to your little limp white men. They were made for you. Next white bitch I catch looking at my man I'm going to go getto on and fuck em up. That's a promise. BITCH!

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  • Typical everything is everybody else's fault, the slaves are not yet free and still being flogged so they need to get everything for nothing because all whites are pricks. Wake up and get a life, no wonder your coloured men won't have anything to do with you and your like but much prefer nice white girls.
    OH I know what your problem is, your pimp is unhappy with the amount of tricks your turning

  • To the author of this post. I don't give a rats ass about you or what you think you are entitled to. You should get on your knees and give thanks that you live in this country. You have a good job and the freedom to go on websites like this one and spew your garbage and misdirected bullshit. Yes you are so blessed to live in a country that allows you these basic freedoms. Unlike you I know when to shut up.

  • I hope you know how very rude you are

  • What the fuck is rude got to do with anything. That's just white bullshit you people say when you don't like the message. Get use to it. Tell me I'm rude. Who the fucks are you to tell me whats what. Nobody that's who. So FUCK OFF!

  • Fuck all of you racist white mutha fuckers. Your day is coming and soon. Then see how you like it when you gets fucked by all of us minorities . Oh yeah I can hardly wait to see you get what you deserve for how we have been treated over the many years. You are going to have to pay us reperations for what your people have done.

  • Thats the only thing you want, free money, free food, free housing, free transport and as much as you can get plus spit in the face of the hard workers who you want to take it all off, for what doing nothing of course so everybody else supports your lazy grog, cigarette and drug filled lifestyle
    Piss off you useless arsehole

  • I want what is fucking owed me for the years of mistreatment and abuse we have suffered at your hand. You will not understand what we have gone through in this country being treated at less than whites. So you go fucks yourself. ASSHOLE !

  • Such a bad mouth black fat arse bitch

  • Well you can just stick your face right between my big beautiful dark brown ass cheeks and kiss my ass. I will spread them for you and even twerk my gorgeous ass all over your face. You know what they say. Once you go black you don't go back. I would love to sit on your face and have you eat your way out. Fuck you asshole. You don't fucking know me. Racist piece of shit.

  • This is so fucking stupid only a mully could have written this dumb ass shit.

  • Yahoo the black bitch comes back with a real dose of attitude she has limited vocabulary but that's par for the course only interested in bad naming and putting down decent white folk
    Piss off you silly bitch

  • Fucks you mutha fucker. Who says you descent? Nobody who fuckins counts. So go piss off you white fuckers. BITCHES!

  • Fuck all you's mutha fuckers. Racist pieces of shit. Kiss my big black asshole . Tell your no good whores for wifes to stay the fuck away from the brothers. Maybe if you had a dick your women wouldn't want our men.

  • I'm a black dude and black pussy is good, but white pussy is awesome. The fucking problem with black women is not their pussies, but their fucking attitudes. They are crazy bitches in the head.

  • I wrote my post for mutha fuckers like you. I hope your fucking Johnson falls off . You get attitude cause you probably does shit to deserve it. Keep fucking them white whores and you will end up lonely and with herpes or AIDS. Hate fucking white bitches. They are a scurge on the black race.

  • Wrong, wrong, wrong

  • Yes,Yes,Yes

  • At least your honest, good on you

  • Your mistaken stupidity for honesty.

  • Black bitch has no answer and no comment she got shut up real good

  • Nobody shut me up you no dick little white boy. Why don't you go back to watching BBC fuckin your ole lady and jerking off your tiny little pencil dick. What you got no answer? You got no dick either bitch! Fuck you!

  • Well you certainly shut up quickly EH ?

  • Eat me white boy. Eat my big black hole.

  • That black bitch, gave up easily, no way to comment against reverse racism

  • You don't know what racism is you no dick little white boy. I bet you are watching porn right now spanking your pathetic little white worm watching a huge BBC filling some white whore full of black snake and jis. Racism? Shut the fuck up bitch you don't know what your talking about.

  • I'm white and I have a good size dick. I've had many different pussy and id say women of Hispanic decent is the best.

  • Stop being racist you halfwit black bitch

  • You talking to me ? Fuck you you dumb ass white mutha fucker. Why don't you go fuck a white whore with your little white dick.

  • That's right you dumb ass black bitch he's talking to you. But who the fuck are you talking to with your stupid post. If you can't control your man don't take it out on the rest of the world. Besides I have a real good idea why your man or men step out on you. Deep down you know it too. Look in the mirror and you shall have your answer.

  • It's ok for black people to be racist don't ya know. I'm not sure how they figure it, but they do. What's bad is there are stupid white people walking around telling people they are ashamed of being white and we should pay reparations. Mothafucker, you think we should pay reparations, start by giving away all your money. Fuck if I'm paying reparation, I didn't own no fucking slaves and anti no fucking blacks alive today who were slaves. So who in their right fucking mind honestly believes we should pay reparations to people who weren't slaves, fucking retarded people, that's who.

  • Why don't you tell them jackass men of yours to stop spreading bullshit about being hung. They all trying to convince everyone they hung when shit, my dick bigger than most black peckerwoods.
    And I don't mind black pussy as long as she don't act like some ghetto momma. Fuck, all pussy pink in the middle.

  • I bet you a tiny little no dick white man. You thinks 6 inch is a big one. Makes me fuckin laugh my ass offs. Fuck you! Suck on my pink pussy.

  • Black pussy stinks, that’s why Brothers never eat it.

  • I can attest to that. For a while I was strictly on a black pussy diet. Oh my God that was some stinky ass pussy. I couldn't wait to wash my cock off after sex. They all expected me to go down on them. I could only manage that with three of them. The rest stunk like a whore house at low tide. Whew wee that pussy was rotten.

  • My pussy don't stink. Have you even smelled my cunt? No cause you got no dick. But my pussy smells good compared to those white whores you fuck. Like your momma I bet you no what her pussy smells like don't you? Yeah you do. Eat me you racist asshole.

  • It does the thing is you have been around the smell so long you can't tell. But I will guarantee it does stink.

  • Well you just try it and your teeth will be eating from your arse
    Fat arse useless bitch, bet your unemployed and unemployable, plus your very rude

  • Yeah her shiny gold teeth

  • I work 6 days a week for the governments. No welfare bitch here. Suck my ass you racist white pig.

  • That's the only place you can work. It takes an act of congress to get fired from government service. I bet you get all the promotions over more qualified workers just because of the color of your skin. I know this cause I retired from the government with 30 years of service. President Clinton when he was in office made it his policy to promote all blacks a priority of his administration. I know cause as a department head was told by my boss's what we were to do and why. So I know you probably did as little as possible while at work. Others picked up the slack you created. You sound like a real piece of work. Another person thinking they are entitled to everything. So you see you can't fool me. I know you are a lazy scum sucking bitch. Your man doesn't even want to be with you. Can't blame him for that.

  • She found the only place that would employ her, she is a public SERVANT

  • I works hard you asshole. I work for the US Patent Office in Alexandria, VA. I gets many awards for my labors. So you can suck my pussy. You pay my salary. I love that you racist whites pay me. So fuck you.

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