I looked at my mom's laptop history and found incest porn.

I've always been a breast man, infatuated actually. It started as a preteen looking at the bra section of the JC Penny catalog. I didn't know why, but I really liked looking at the models bra covered boobs. Then I found one of my dad's Playboys, and really enjoyed looking at the nudes, but especially the naked breasts and nipples. I'd get hard, but didn't know why, or what to do about it. At the age of eleven, I stumbled on how to jackoff and made myself cum for the first time. I didn't really know what I had done, but it sure felt good! I don't remember if anything came out of my cock or not. Afterwards my cock just kept having these continuous pulses, almost like I was cumming again, just not as intense. It seemed to go on for about a half hour. I was immediately hooked. I don't think I've ever cum as hard as that first time, but always enjoy trying.

Skip ahead a few years when puberty hits me big time. I was so horny I'd jackoff whenever I could, sometimes five times in a single day. That's when I realized my mom had some great tits. They weren't huge, bigger than a baseball but smaller than a softball. To me they were perfect. I began trying to catch a glimpse of her tits whenever it wasn't conspicuous. My mom must have noticed, but she never said a word. Her round, firm tits, with areolas the size of silver dollars. Her nipples a little bigger around than a pencil, erect (which was almost always the case) a half inch long at the most. I loved my mom's tits, I wanted to hold them, feel them, and suck on her nipples so much!

Skip ahead to now, the age of 21 and senior year of college. I go to a local university on a scholarship and still live at home. My parents divorced about a year ago, and since my mom has started wearing very little around the house. Seldom a bra, her hard nipples poking out proudly. Maybe a shirt that was unbuttoned a little extra that would reveal nearly an entire tit when the material was in the right position. That's when I became infatuated with my mom's perfect for me, tits. Now when I stroked my cock, almost always I was thinking of my mom's tits. The problem is that the rest of her body is great also. She's slim, a nice ass, long brown hair, and a fairly full pubic triangle. Her body also carries her tit perfectly. My mom has a pretty face, but it's my mom's face. When she puts on her make-up though, she becomes beautiful to me, and not so much my mom.

Last weekend my mom was shopping and being nosey, I looked through my mom's laptop. In it if was happily surprised to find selfies my mom had taken of herself. Some wear topless, some where completely nude. Needless to say in no time my hard cock was out, and I was jerking it hard. I emptied my balls with numerous squirts on my stomach collecting into a fair sized pool. I cleaned up and was going through her search history and found incest porn sites. I was completely floored to find that most of it was mother/son fucking material. Of course this knowledge made me horny as hell! Before I could look through much of the material however, I heard my mom's car pulling into the garage. I closed her laptop up and went into the living room pretending I'd been watching TV for some time.

When my mom came in she rushed to the bathroom needing to pee badly. She dropped her shopping bags in the kitchen on the way. I went to the kitchen for a drink glancing into the two bags. I couldn't believe I was seeing sexy lingerie inside, which really made my cock jump. I was admiring what I was seeing when my mom came out of the bathroom. I had everything back in the bags....almost when she came into the kitchen. "I hadn't expected to find you looking through my purchases today," my mom said to me with a smile. I breathed a deep breath when I realized I hadn't done anything wrong. Then I became emboldened when I said with a smile, "Did you buy those for me?" My mom looked at me in a way I'd never seen before when she replied, "They could be if you wanted." If I hadn't just seen a very kinky side of my mom moments before, I may not have noticed it as much. "Why don't you try them on and model the outfits for me," I confidently said in a firm tone. My mom seemed surprised, but then she got an even bigger smile when she asked me to follow her to her bedroom.

My heart was pounding with delight as I sat down on a chair she has in her room for the show of my lifetime. I could hardly contain myself knowing that most of my mom's tits would be on display to me. It was a dream come true. When my mom came back in, she was wearing a almost sheer light blue top that came down just below her panties, which were also a sheer light blue. Her brown pubic hair on display for me. Of course my eyes went straight to my mom's great tits, clearly on display before my eyes. I must have appeared hypnotized when my mom said, "So do you like?" "Ah yeah, but I like best what's under that sexy barely there lingerie you're wearing," I said with a lustful glare. With that my mom came over straddling me on the chair I'm sitting in. Only wearing my sweat pants, my hard cock already tenting them noticeably.

My mom began to grind on my cock, her clearly visible tits inches from my face. She reached up and pulled down the obviously stretchable neckline, pulling it down and under those tits I've dreamed about for years. I first cupped them in my hands, feeling their weight, their warmth, and softness. Then I began caressing them like I've always wanted to do, feeling them, squeezing them. My mom started breathing heavy as I played. Then I took a nipple in my mouth, sucking it hard like I was trying to get milk out of it. "Oh Gary," my mom exclaimed! I kept fondling both of her tits as I switched nipples to suckle. The tits of my dreams in my hands, the nipples I've always wanted in my mouth, no drug could touch this sensation I was feeling. My mom was really grinding on my cock now, barely any material between my mom's wet pussy, and my painfully hard cock.

The best is yet to come after this posts.....


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  • Moms have a duty to teach her boy everything but no reason to wait til hes an adult. parents should be exempt from age laws. society has it backwards. its depriving your boy of pleasure that is the abuse. this is almost a mothers duty!

  • It should always be consensual.

  • I can usually tell when a young man fantasied to the lingerie section of catalogues when he was growing up and has an older woman fetish. The incest fantasy does turn me on. I hate the term "toy boy" but being mature and with a younger man is a thing. Sex drives are pretty compatible too.

  • You could play my mom any day!

  • Not all incest is fantasy ;)

  • Should be legal and from a young age

  • I disagree. It should be legal from the age of 14 to consensual sex with parents.

  • I reckon this is probably every son's dream. I know I would love to get my mum in bed, I would screw her every night if I could.

  • I think you were very brave to confront you mother but I'm sure finding mother/son incest porn on her laptop gave you some extra confidents! It's quite clear you both wanted this to happen and I'm really pleased it's work out for you. Alot of sons normal don't cross that imaginary line with their mothers because they assume that mothers don't feel the same way. Are taking precautions or are you risking it when you two have sex? My mother was on the contraceptive pill until it wasn't necessary anymore. Good luck to you both!!!

  • OP here. This took so long to post, I'm not sure I want to finish the hot conclusion to this story. I need some comments or I won't even waste my time.

  • Please continue or email me,dying to know more,especially if she jerked you off or ???

  • I want to fuck my mom

  • Me too!!

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